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New World Order

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Genre: Action

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'New World Order' - New Update and Screens

by Rainier on April 30, 2002 @ 4:51 p.m. PDT

"Well its end of the month, where is the demo you promised or at least give us an estimate or possible release date.", is one of the most asked questions in the NWO forum. Sadly enough there is not much of an update, let alone an estimate release date like Jim Malmros (lead programmer) "hoped" to provide. On the contrary...


We'll be able to make you guys happy with an exact date. We are basically done with the MP test, now we have alot of testing to do to filter out any really stupid bugs before we release it. As soon as that is done we will set a date.

During this time there has been alot of work done on things such as the networking, to get it working with NATs / routers so that as many people as possible can play and test NWO.

We've gone through loong lists of upgrades and fixes during this time.



Soon, hope, very soon, before end of the month etc..etc.. that is about all the community gets to hear... Agreed, Termite/P3 want to bring people a decent demo that is functional and plays well, but they should not string people a long ... Either they say soon or they say nothing .. or they say next month and then release it ahead of time .. Needless to say the moods are getting, to say theleast, bitter in the NWO forums and this is an example of it :



You really need to chill man! Seriously!

'For once in your life, just be straight forward on stop with the vaig posts'

Let's hope we never meet, alright?

You really believe that if it was possible to tell a date, we wouldn't??

Try to think straight.



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