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'Lilo & Stitch : Trouble In Paradise' (PS) - Overview & Screens

by Rainier on April 4, 2002 @ 12:45 p.m. PST

Playstation and Disney invite kids to take the trip of a lifetime to explore Disney’s fun-packed Hawaiian adventure on PSone, ‘Lilo and Stitch Trouble in Paradise’. This exciting action/adventure platform game is based on the brand new animated ‘Lilo and Stitch’ Disney feature film which is as much a heart-warming and unique intergalactic adventure as it is a moral tale based on companionship and family values.

The game allows kids to explore three beautiful Hawaiian locations and many of the situations as featured within the film, as well as view clips from the film as they progress from level to level through the game. Lilo and Stitch Trouble in Paradise will be localised in all European languages and will be released across Europe to coincide with box office openings throughout Summer 2002.

The Story
‘Lilo and Stitch Trouble in Paradise’ follows the tale of how two loveable misfits - an alien outlaw, “Stitch”, and a young Hawaiian girl, “Lilo” - overcome their problems together and become the best of friends...while causing chaos! The incredibly mischevious and destructive Stitch is an escapee outlaw from another planet who crash lands on Hawaii and must quickly disguise himself as a dog and seek human protection from intergalactic bounty hunters, Jumba and Pleakley, eager to bring him to justice.

Lilo has problems making friends and relies solely upon her older sister for care and understanding in the absence of her deceased parents. Lilo visits the local dog pound with her sister to select a companion and immediately takes a shine to the strange blue dog that is Stitch in disguise! The two become inseparable and strike up a relationship with Stitch, ‘Public Enemy Number One’ wreaking havoc on the beautiful island and Lilo trying to calm him down and teaching him about Ohana – the meaning of family.

The Game
Kids get the chance to play as both Lilo and Stitch, using each character’s individual skills and attributes to help overcome obstacles and defeat the duo’s enemies. Stitch causes havoc and mayhem, while Lilo uses her voodoo skills to progress.

Throughout the game, the intrepid pair are faced by a variety of obstacles and enemies, ranging dangerous Hawaiian creatures to more challenging alien bounty hunters, which they must overcome if they are to complete their quest.

The game is played through three beautiful Hawaiian locations – Halei (Lilo’s home village), the Kauai Jungle and the Volcano park - each of which is rendered in the same ‘watercolour’ animation style used within the film.

The Characters:

  • Lilo
    Lilo’s motivation is to explore the island with her new friend, Stitch. She is adventurous, creative and superstitious. Lilo desperately wants to be accepted, but gets frustrated when she feels people don’t understand her. She is concerned about Stitch’s rudeness and is keen to teach him to behave so he can stay in her family.
  • Stitch
    Stitch’s basic motivation is to create havoc. He enjoys freedom and destroying all that is around him. Being intergalactic ‘Public Nuisance No 1’, he is being hunted down by the alien space hunters, Jumba and Pleakley. Stitch is desperate to escape the confines of Hawaii and evade capture – so he sticks by Lilo as she is a useful shield to him. Eventually he starts to care for Lilo and understand the meaning of Ohana – family.
  • Jumba & Pleakley
    Jumba and Pleakley are a constant presence in the game and are never too far behind Lilo & Stitch – sometimes they can be found hiding iun bushes, other times they wait in the clearing. Wherever they are, their mission is the same: to capture Lilo and, more importantly, Stitch.
  • Captain Gantu
    This enormous enemy makes an appearance as the game draws to its conclusion, by capturing Lilo and forcing Stitch into a race against time to save her.

Key Features

  • Two playable characters: lovable little Hawaiian girl Lilo, with a wildly creative imagination, not to mention voodoo skills & alien fugitive Stitch, with a penchant for destruction and a drive to wreak havoc
  • Hazardous paths around the island connected by scenic clearings, all beautifully rendered in the same watercolor style of the movie
  • Non-linear gameplay, with multiple paths from which to choose
  • Humour and heart unique to the Lilo & Stitch franchise
  • 12 levels including Hanalei Streets, Tourist Beach and Jungle River
  • Between-level movies featuring scenes from the film
  • Variety of enemies including dangerous Hawaiian creatures and alien bounty-hunters.
  • Developed by Blitz Games, developers of Chicken Run for Psone

Players control the major characters from a third-person, over-the-shoulder point of view. In this mode, players explore the island through a variety of interconnecting paths, evading traps and avoiding enemies as they search for key items on their quest. Additional levels will involve combat against the Hula Girls, chases through dangerous jungle paths, and a final showdown with gigantic alien Gantu aboard his space cruiser.

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