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'Tekken 4' (PS2) – Character Info & Screens

by Rainier on April 4, 2002 @ 1:35 p.m. PST

Some character profiles, so you can tell which cities they've been raised on the streets of. As well as some 20+ ingame screens for your enjoyment.


Craig was once a leading light in the Professional Vale Tudo fight circuit. However, allegations of match rigging and corruption saw him fall from grace. Following a drunken bar brawl in which he killed a man, Marduk was convicted to ten years in the state pen. After serving only two years inside, a mysterious benefactor pays for him to be freed and sends him an envelope containing a plane ticket and a new cutting about the The King of Iron Fist Tournament4. Who wanted him free and why?


The young female fighter is the granddaughter of the Capoeria master who taught Eddy Gordo his fighting technique. Whilst incarcerated, Eddy promised his master that upon his release he would pass on his skills to Christie. Eddy kept his promise and transformed Christie into a skilled fighter. Shortly afterwards Eddy disappeared, explaining he must take revenge on his father’s murderers. With the fourth King of the Iron Fist tournament as her only leaad, Christie signs up for the fight of her life.


A young British boxer, Steve is a formidable opponent plagued by the fact that he doesn’t know the identity of his parents. Having become world middleweight champ, Steve is pressured by the Mafia to throw his next fight. He ignores their request and finds himself on the run from the mob. Having fled England for the US Steve tires of running and decides to enter the fourth Tekken tournament. Will Steve ever discover the identity of his biological parents – and how did he get the strange scar on his left arm? All will be revealed.


As the leader of the Manji Party (an organization that provides food and shelter to political refugees). Yoshimitsu and his colleagues find the ever-increasing number of refugees is stretching the party’s already tight funds to the limit. Upon hearing about the new Iron Fist tournament and the grand prize of the Mishima Zaibatsu Empire, the sword-wielding cyborg knows he must enter the competition and defeat Heihachi Mishima. As always Yoshimitsu will be a force to reckoned with, his unorthodox but effective fighting style always confounding unsuspecting opponents.


As a junior student at the Mishima High School, Ling’s life revolved around her constant regime of studying and training. Then, out of the blue, her world was thrown into confusion when she received a mysterious email warning her that her life was in danger from both Heihachi and his Mishima Zaibatsu organization. Replying to the email proved fruitless, but Ling suspected that it had been sent by Jin Kazama, who disappeared after defeating True Ogre in the third Iron Fist tournament. Consequently, she signs on for the new competition hoping to meet Jin.


Believing himself to be the reigning Iron Fist champion, Paul Phoenix was devastated to learn that it was in fact Jin Kazama who had defeated Ogre in his true form, making Paul a lowly runner up. Despite his boasts that he was the true champion few believed him and soon even those who were closest to Paul lost patience with his arrogance. In time his once famed Dojo closed down and Paul fell into deep depression. Having spotted a flyer for the forthcoming Iron Fist tournament Paul decided to enter to champion. Doubters beware.


The mask-wearing grappler has had a fairly tough run of luck. Managing to recover from alcoholism after the first tournament, King was knocked back into shape by rival/mentor and foster father Armour King. Tragedy would once again strike King, when his mentor and friend was beaten to death during a drunken bar brawl. Armour King’s killer was sentenced to ten years in prison. Seeking revenge King used the profits he had amassed from fights to ball the killer out and buy him a plane ticket to the fourth tournament. Who could this mystery killer be?


After the last competition Hwoarang found himself drafted into the Korean military forces. Whilst serving his army the Tae Kwon Do expert gained respect through daring missions and his undoubted fighting prowess. However, missing the thrill afforded him by hand-to-hand combat Hwoarang soon tired of the military way of life. Hearing of the fourth tournament the Korean fighter went AWOL and slipped away to join the competition. Hwoarang seeks to crush Heihachi and claim the Mishima Zaibatsu Empire as his own.


A favourite of the Iron Fist circuit, owner of his own Dojo and a successful businessman to boot, Marshall Law once had the world at his feet. Sadly, his business empire was eaten away by rivals leaving him to pass his days in a drink-induced stupor. Having received news of the latest tournament, Law senior snaps out of his depression and trains solidly until he’s returned back to his former physical prime. Knowing that the tournament prize would firmly reinstall him back in the business world, Law realizes he must enter and win the latest Iron Fist tournament.


Having been thrown into the mouth of a volcano by his father (Heihachi) two decades ago, Kazuya was resurrected by the biotechnology firm G Corporation. Mishima junior allowed himself to be experimented on in the hope that he could locate the source of the Devil Gene contained within his body. Following a raid by Heihachi’s forces on a G Corporation research lab Kazuya’s personal data was stolen. Realising that the fourth Iron Fist tournament is a trap – intended to lure him in – Kazuya still can’t resist the thought of defeating his father in combat.

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