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DreamCatcher's Arabian Nights Goes Gold

by Rainier on April 5, 2002 @ 2:17 a.m. PST

Arabian Nights just hit its gold status and is on its way to duplication factory to meet its April 17th shelf date. Arabian Nights (originally released by Cryo in Europe about 6 months ago) is an adventure game set in a Middle Eastern world full of magic and mystic, based on the story of Ali Baba.
With its scenario worthy of the tales of the thousand and one nights and its excellent gameplay, 'Arabian Nights' will immerse the player into the magical world of the Middle East.

The player takes on the role of Ali and begins the game at the meeting-place chosen by the Princess: at the entrance to the cemetery, in the rough part of town… But the Princess fails to turn up. Has she disappeared? If that was the case, it would cause a terrible crisis in the Sultanate of Akabha!

  • Graphics of the highest quality
  • More than 60 characters crop up over the 7 episodes
  • Fight hand-to-hand combats using a scimitar as well as fists and feet.
  • Over thirty different moves and attacks which players will have to learn as they progress through the level.
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