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Hearts Of Iron

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Genre: Strategy

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Strategy First Announces 'Hearts of Iron'

by Rainier on April 5, 2002 @ 5:59 p.m. PST

“Strategy First has become one of the leading publishers of wargames, and so Hearts of Iron fits very well into our line-up, “says Steve Wall, V.P., Business Development for Strategy First. “Although Hearts of Iron is a strategy game, its theme revolves around one of the most infamous wars in history. It is a beautiful game that really brings back to life the strategies and tactics that were used during battle. We are pleased to be working with Paradox on this title and look forward to its release later this year.”

"The biggest war of the last century will finally get the grand strategic treatment that gamers all around the world have waited for. Hearts of Iron represents a breakthrough in the genre and with Strategy First behind it we know it will receive the attention it deserves." says Fredrik Malmberg, Executive Director at Paradox Entertainment.

Hearts of Iron is one of the first WWII PC games to encompass such a grand strategic scope. The game map spans the entire world, including all nations between 1936 – 1946. The game allows players to take the War to any new front of their own choosing, while focusing primarily on the epic struggle between the great alliances of the New World Orders – Fascism, Communism and Democracy. Players are able to modify and construct their own settings and campaigns with the game’s scenario generator, which offers thousands of combinations, not to mention hours of gameplay.

Developed by the same team behind the award winning Europa Universalis series, Hearts of Iron features a highly advanced research model that allows players to acquire more powerful weapons through the course of the war; a unique political system that includes historical generals and political leaders that has a direct effect on neutral nations; over 100 different ground, air and naval forces; and multiplayer mode over the Internet.

Players must find the right balance between strategy and tactics to achieve victory in what some are saying is “one of the most exciting WWII strategy games to look out for this year!”

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