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'Cossacks: Art Of War' Ships To US Stores - Screens

by Rainier on April 5, 2002 @ 8:39 p.m. PST

CDV today announced "Cossacks: Art of War," the highly anticipated expansion pack to the popular hit "Cossacks: European Wars," is now available in retail stores. An expansion pack for the PC, "Cossacks: Art of War" extends the story of the historical real-time strategy title. With more than 30 missions and an impressive array of new elements, the expansion pack enhances gameplay for devoted Cossacks fans as well as first time gamers.

"With over 450,000 copies of 'European Wars' sold worldwide, we wanted to offer new battlegrounds and campaigns," said Robert Pickens, chief executive officer
of CDV USA. "We are adding a multitude of bonus features in 'Art of War,' including a map editor, two additional countries, and new historical battles, to create
a completely unique experience."

Features for "Cossacks: Art of War" include:

  • Five new campaigns and 30 missions based in Prussia, Austria, Saxony, Algeria and Poland
  • Two new nations - Bavaria and Denmark
  • Six new ships
  • Global rating system
  • Map Editor
  • Four new levels of difficulty in campaigns

About "Cossacks: European Wars"
Called "the culmination of classic-form real-time strategy" by Adrenaline Vault, "Cossacks: European Wars" is a real time strategy game of epic proportions. With
16 nations and over 8000 units, "European Wars" is based on events from 16th to 18th century Europe, an age where boundaries were drawn and battles fought.

Features for "Cossacks: European Wars" include:

  • Grandiose battles with up to 8000 units
  • 16 rival nations with spectacular graphics, unique economies and technology
  • More than 85 large scale wars and battles from the 16th to 18th centuries
  • Variety of military formations, including column, rank, or square
  • Economic system with six resources: food, wood, stone, gold, coal and iron
  • Full 3D landscape with real world physics
  • Special effects, including smoke, fog, explosions, burning buildings, explosion rebounds, real-time water rendering, etc.
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