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New MMORPG Announced 'Enroth-Online'

by Rainier on April 8, 2002 @ 10:59 p.m. PDT

Enroth-Online is the first MMORPG of its caliber that is free to play. You heard us right, once you buy the software their is no monthly subscription charge. But wait, the best is yet to come... Enroth-Online is free to play. If your going to spend $10 or more a month, why not spend that money to give yourself a chance to win thousands? They have quite a "different" view on the future of online gaming ... but interesting .. read on!
The Future

Lets look into the future a few years shall we. In the future console gamers are all networked together on their own private network, 100 million+ to be exact. People are so hungry to make money playing video games they are fighting with companies over selling vertual property, virtual peanuts:P

When the big boys get consoles networked together 70-100 million console gamers playing online games x $10 per entry = enough money that term "casual gamer" will disappear. Making money from playing video games is the next step.

Pre-MTTM (Multi-Tiered Tournament Method) hosting a 100 million competitor is logistically impossable. Post-MTTD, it is possable....

While it is unlikely that any game or single game company will hold all the market share, lets say one is dominate and has a 50 million strong player base. 50 million x $10 an entry = a bus load of prize money.

The Bomb:
with our new system that allows the masses to compete in tournaments in numbers not previously possible and, the recent advent and success of MMORPG's and,
the fact that the big boys are busy hooking up next generation consoles together, spells...

those who are good at video games will make more money than pro athletes of our day.

And thats what its all about money, plain and simple.
money=star power.

Online tournament play will be bigger than golf, bigger even than soccer is world wide.

Here is a story; many years ago I went over to my friends house and there he was sitting in front of his computer drinking a Bud and playing virtual pool. I laughed and dragged him out of the house for some real bar side action. I have found he is not alone, people love doing their hobbies in computer simulated games. I think its because all it takes is practice to master a video game. Regardless of size or shape people can master video games.

Take some time and visualize the world in say 10 years where computer/console gamers rule the world and you will be close to reality. Remember where money is, their is power.

Oh I almost forgot, due to the fact their will be so much money to be won by players and anyone with practice can have a legitimate shoot at victory, everyone in the world will either be playing themselves or "coaching" their children. TV news casts will be dominated by game related news. Players who win often will be on TV and in movies. Games will begin to dominate all other forms of media ect. ect. ect.

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