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Dragon's Lair Gets Own Action Figures!

by Rainier on April 9, 2002 @ 2:49 a.m. PDT

AnJon, Inc., manufacturer and marketer of action figure toys, announced today that it will release its new Dragon's Lair action figures this August in conjunction with the new Dragon's Lair 3D videogame launch. This new release date will better leverage the visibility and excitement generated by the videogame's release. Dirk the Daring, the wizard Mordroc, the princess Daphne, and Singe the Dragon - all key characters in the new Dragon's Lair 3D game - will be among the first action figures released.

"We received terrific feedback on these new action figures from the press and retail community at Toy Fair earlier this year," said Daniel Dern, vice president of operations for AnJon Inc. "Everyone who saw the figures at the show commented on the quality and the playability of the figures, which look like they jumped right out of the game. We believe that moving the release date to coincide with the videogames launch will extend visibility for the entire Dragon's Lair franchise and increase the potential for these action figures."

The original Dragon's Lair arcade game has remained one of the top selling arcade and video games over the past 19 years, and has been played by more than a quarter of a billion people worldwide since its release in 1983. Dragon's Lair was the world's first animated laser disc video game, and is one of only three games on display at the Smithsonian Institution.

Canadian-based Digital Leisure, which has been selling the 2D version of the game, will work with AnJon, Inc. to distribute the action figure line in the United States and abroad.

Encore is publishing Dragon's Lair 3D for the Sony PlayStation™2 and Nintendo GameCube platforms, while UbiSoft will release the PC, Macintosh and Microsoft XBox versions.

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