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'Eden Studios' Joins Infogrames

by Rainier on April 9, 2002 @ 7:33 p.m. PDT

Infogrames Entertainment has acquired one of Europe’s leading developers of console games and added to its creative capabilities for simulation and action games. Eden Studios, one of Europe’s leading developers of console games and a specialist in car rally simulations and action games, has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Infogrames, which had previously held a 19.8-percent stake in the company.

The transaction is in keeping with Infogrames’ strategy of expanding internal its development resources selectively by adding top studios with recognized talent and expertise. Combining the staff of Eden Studios with that of Infogrames will certainly generate synergies and enhance the Group’s ability to produce software for next-generation consoles, so as to take full advantage of key franchises in the popular sectors of automobile racing and action/adventure.

Eden Studios was involved in the original development and subsequent upgrades of V-Rally for console, one of Infogrames leading franchise games. It is now in the process of completing V-Rally 3 for PS2, which will be available in stores in June, and is at work on new original games for the XBox and GameCube formats for 2003 and 2004.

“Eden Studios is one of the largest international development studios,” stated Infogrames Entertainment chairman Bruno Bonnell. “We take great pride in the fact that its founders chose to continue their company’s growth as part of our Group. The alliance between Eden and Infogrames is a perfect example of combining creative talent with publishing power.”

Eden Studios now joins the 11 Infogrames Entertainment studios operating worldwide. They include Reflections (creator of the Driver and Stuntman series) and Microprose (Grand Prix 4) in the United Kingdom, Paradigm (MX Rider, Spy Hunter) and Humongous (Backyard series, Pajama Sam) in the United States and Melbourne House (Le Mans, Space Race) in Australia.

“I am at once honored by Infogrames management’s confidence in Eden and delighted to pursue our four-year relationship with Infogrames Entertainment. The merger will enable Eden to continue growing, while at the same time making it possible for us to focus on the creative side of our business and to maintain and improve the quality and innovative features that have ensured the success of our games,” declared St├ęphane Baudet, Eden Studios’ founder and chief executive.

About Eden Studios:
Eden Studios was formed in December 1997. It designs and develops videogames for game consoles.
Over its four years of sustained growth, Eden succeeded in attracting an experienced development staff - its workforce increased to 60 employees in 2002. Eden is currently producing an action game with original characters, while at the same time developing V-Rally 3, which takes advantage of its expertise in car racing. In the past two years, Eden has also succeeded in making a technological leap by focusing exclusively on the development of games for the next-generation consoles Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Game Cube.

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