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'Global Operations' Update Patch 2.0 Available NOW

by Rainier on May 10, 2002 @ 11:03 a.m. PDT

EA just released the expected v2.0 Update patch for their team-based tactical shooter 'Global Operations'. This patch adds a bunch of new (mainly server) features and some bug fixes. Read more for a detailed list/links where to get it (thanks blues).

Download this v2.0 patch off the Worthplaying server (11mb)

Download this v2.0 patch off the Global Ops server (11mb)

There is also a 2.0 Linux server also available from EA's ftp server (240 MB)


  • Server crash when using the LAW fixed
  • Linux server optimazations and bug fixes
  • No sight when using NV/TV goggles fixed
  • Cursor disappears when on exit menu at end of round fixed
  • HUD on/off not saving correctly fixed
  • Server crash after adjusting mirror damage fixed
  • Hide in rock on Sri Lanka fixed
  • Jumping off boat in South China Seas fixed
  • The muzzle flash not appearing in correct location fixed
  • Some shots were getting lost. Now fixed.
  • Friendly fire setting affecting the VIP issue fixed
  • You can no longer shoot your own VIP and win the round.
  • Grenade issues - Fixed
  • Reload problem - Fixed
  • Fix for the jiggies (this is the anti cheat code acting up)
  • Heavy Machine guns now no longer give you one more round after a reload.
  • Teammates almost never appear in the spectate mode now fixed
  • Laser sight not working properly. - Fixed
  • Secondary fire for remote C4 doesn’t toggle from the switch back to the next charge. - Fixed
  • Smoke trail on LAW and Grenade Launcher disappears as soon as the warhead detonates. - Fixed
  • Blood squirt alignment - Fixed
  • Eyes removed when player gets too many damage decals - Fixed
  • Kills register as suicides sometimes fixed
  • Missing sound in Chechnya - Fixed
  • LAW rocket is rotated wrong when fired on extreme angles - Fixed
  • Another gas mask crash fixed.


  • Remote server admin including kicking and banning.
  • In game voting for kicking and map rotation.
  • You can now choose favorite servers.
  • Refresh favorite servers.
  • New set of filters.
  • Server browser distinguishes the different game versions (eg: White=compatible)
  • AFK kick as a server side option.
  • IP banning as a server side option.
  • Improvement to best weapon selection code.
  • Shooting your teammates will cost you money. (no more medic cheat to get cash)
  • Server side option to force balanced teams when you join.
  • Tac map shows enemies when they are outside.
  • Network Connection speed moved to browser screen.
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