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MidWay Announces 'Haven: Call Of The King' (PS2/GCB/Xbox)

by Rainier on May 16, 2002 @ 8:20 p.m. PDT

Midway Games Inc. announced today that Haven: Call Of The King, a groundbreaking action and fantasy console videogame, is in development. Haven: Call Of The King is scheduled to ship fall 2002 for next-generation systems and is being developed by acclaimed London-based developer, Traveller's Tales.

"It always has been said that you can't combine excellent shooting, racing, flying, platforming and other gameplay mechanics and make a rock solid game. Haven: Call Of The King has done this on every level," said Helene Sheeler, vice president of marketing, Midway. "Haven: Call Of The King features unrivaled gameplay with an almost endless combination of action-movie-styled gameplay elements and an engaging storyline, highly stylized characters and crisp cinematics."

The Revolutionary Technology

The world of Haven: Call Of The King is virtually limitless. Incorporating an extremely advanced gameplay engine that allows a variety of gameplay genres to be smoothly integrated into one game, Haven: Call Of The King features many gameplay styles -- platforming, turret-based shooting, boat and land vehicular racing, arena combat and space exploration. With groundbreaking technology, players can seamlessly travel from the earth, through the atmosphere, into outer space, and back again.

The gameplay in Haven: Call Of The King projects a cinematic-type quality with visually stunning worlds and environments. Like scenes from a movie, all of the levels in Haven: Call Of The King perfectly link together the character-driven story, which directs the gameplay and unfolds against a backdrop of the many enchanting worlds.

The Epic Story

Haven: Call Of The King unveils a remarkable tale of exploration and intrigue. Players embark on an epic quest as Haven, a heroic young man haunted by dreams that awaken him to the legend of the "Golden Voice." A bell that can be rung in times of need, the "Golden Voice" is the only way Haven can free his people from slavery and imminent death at the hands of the evil Lord Vetch.

To emancipate his people and complete his galactic crusade, Haven must prove his mettle in the warrior training grounds and navigate untold dangers to recover the relic that will guide him to the "Golden Voice."

Traveller's Tales is an independent, UK-based developer of interactive entertainment. During eleven years of development, they have worked with publishers like Sega, Nintendo, Activision, Sony, Universal and Disney and have worked on games such as Sonic R, Toy Story (1 and 2), Bug's Life and Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex. To date, titles developed by Traveller's Tales have sold millions of units worldwide. You can find more information on Traveller's Tales at the company's website.

This title is not officially proposed to Sony Computer Entertainment America.

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