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'Mad Catz' Announces Full Line Of Peripherals For Fall 2002

by Rainier on May 17, 2002 @ 11:01 a.m. PDT

Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. today announced the launch of the Company's Fall 2002 line of peripherals for PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube and Game Boy Advance. Man, these E3 line ups are starting to bore me to death .. get it over with already ;)

The Company will unveil 23 new accessories at this year's E3 show in Los Angeles at Booth #500 in South Hall from May 22-24, 2002. One of the more notable highlights is the Company's new line of Lynx wireless controllers for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. All upcoming products are due to launch in the U.S. and/or Europe over the next several months.

"In keeping with our goal to create the industry's highest quality products at competitive prices, we have developed an exciting new line of fall accessories. We are particularly looking forward to the release of the Lynx wireless controllers that we have designed for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. We expect them to be extremely well received by the market as the installed base of these new consoles continues to grow," said Darren Richardson, President and COO of Mad Catz, Inc

Mr. Richardson continued, "Over 145 million Americans (60%) play video and computer games and they continue to be the fastest growing entertainment form. This is particularly good news for Mad Catz as it provides us with additional opportunities to design and develop the creative accessories for which Mad Catz is famous."

Lynx Wireless Controllers

Based upon the success of the 900MHz wireless controller for PlayStation 2 launched in October 2001, Mad Catz has expanded its wireless line to include Lynx wireless controllers for Xbox and PlayStation 2 (also compatible with PlayStation One) to be initially released in the U.S. Like the 900MHz wireless controller for PlayStation 2, these controllers utilize radio frequency (RF) technology comparable to high-end cordless phones. The Lynx wireless controllers do not rely on line-of-sight, so that if the controllers are pointed away from the console, or if the signal is blocked by a person walking in front of it, the game will not freeze. This connectivity is achieved via a low-profile micro antenna which plugs directly into the appropriate console, enabling 40 feet of unblockable wireless range. The Lynx wireless controllers require batteries whereas the 900MHz wireless controller for PlayStation 2 uses a recharging cradle.

The Lynx wireless controllers feature fully analog pressure-sensitive action buttons and D-pad, dual analog joysticks, and rubberized grips to increase comfort. Programmable macro capabilities for complex moves will be featured in the Lynx wireless for Xbox. Both Lynx wireless controllers feature two play modes for total control in any game (analog and digital) and built-in dual vibration motors for a more pronounced, realistic gaming experience.

"After the successful debut of the 900MHz wireless controller for PlayStation 2 at last year's E3 show, we are especially excited to introduce our next generation of Lynx wireless controllers at this year's show," states Mr. Richardson. "Now Xbox and PlayStation 2 gamers can maximize playing time without being restricted by short cables. And, since the radio frequency technology eliminates line of sight issues, the Lynx wireless controllers provide consistent, continuous play even at a considerable distance from the console and television."

MicroCON Controllers for All Platforms

At this year's E3 show, Mad Catz will also introduce its MicroCON controllers for PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube. The MicroCON controllers are smaller versions of Mad Catz' standard controllers, created to accommodate gamers with smaller hands or to provide greater comfort and control for any gamer. The MicroCON's sleek design provides superior control with rubberized grips to reduce fatigue and improve handling. Features include dual analog joysticks, fully analog pressure-sensitive action buttons and D-pad, intense vibration capability, two expansion bays for memory cards or other game enhancers (for Xbox), and macro programmability for complex moves (for Xbox and PlayStation 2). For added comfort and durability, both the MicroCON for PlayStation 2 (also compatible with PlayStation and PlayStation One) and GameCube have an eight-foot braided-steel cable and the MicroCON for Xbox features a nine-foot braided steel cable.

Universal Steering Wheel and Pedals for All Platforms

The Universal MC2 Racing Wheel, also making its debut at E3, works with PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube consoles, and is the most realistic racing wheel on the market. The new steering wheel is based on the MC2 award winning design which offers vibration feedback, and the Mad Catz proprietary Accudrive system that allows gamers to tune the wheel sensitivity to fit individual preferences. Offering superior comfort, the Universal MC2 Racing Wheel also features a rubber-clad wheel, retractable leg supports and pedal, ten programmable action buttons, and three control modes (steering wheel, analog and digital).

Other products making their debut include:

For PlayStation 2

  • Beat Pad - This digital controller for dance and action games features four-way directional control and 10 high-performance action pads. The Beat Pad works with all dance games including Konami's Dance Dance Revolution and THQ's Britney Dance Beat. It's also compatible with PlayStation and PlayStation One dance games.
  • Light Blaster - Specially designed to work with all light gun-compatible games, the Light Blaster features vibration kickback, rapid-fire, automatic reload capabilities, a memory card expansion bay and an LED-powered light-up barrel. It also includes a traditional D-pad and reload button.
  • Dual Force 2 Skin Controller - Now different design skins featuring lifestyle, sports and artwork can be snapped onto the controller for more customized game play. Features of the controller include dual analog joysticks, dual vibration motors, pressure-sensitive analog action buttons and powerful macro capabilities for programming complex actions for execution by a single button. With rubberized grips for superior comfort and handling and an eight-foot extra-long reinforced cable, the Dual Force 2 Skin Controller is also compatible with PlayStation and PlayStation One.
  • 8 MB Memory Expander - By inserting a certified PlayStation 2 8MB memory card into the Memory Expander, users can access an additional 8MB of memory, allowing for more game saves.
  • Controller Extension Cable - Also compatible with PlayStation and PlayStation One, this seven-foot extension cable features heavy-duty wiring, braided steel reinforcement and an assortment of colors, to match player's controllers.

For Xbox

  • Light Gun - Specially designed to work with all light gun-compatible games, the Mad Catz Light Gun features vibration kickback, rapid-fire, automatic reload capabilities and an LED-powered light-up barrel. It also includes a traditional D-pad and reload button.
  • Ethernet Cable - To capitalize on one of the many Xbox features, the Ethernet Cable is designed to network multiple Xbox consoles together for head-to-head or team playing. The Ethernet Cable comes in a sleek green cable casing.

For GameCube

  • Memory Cube 251 - The 4X Memory Card delivers 16Mb of data storage, allowing for more special characters, special weapons, game positions, and high scores to be saved. Although not available in initial shipments, later shipments will feature game saves.
  • Memory Cube 1019 - The 16X Memory Card features 64Mb of data storage, allowing for more special characters, special weapons, custom controller settings and high scores and levels to be saved. It also features four different game saves.
  • 5" Color Display - The attachable 5" Color Display features an integrated sound system and a high-resolution screen which attaches directly to the GameCube.
  • Car Adapter - Powers the GameCube from a standard auto power connection with a convenient 10-foot power cord for backseat gaming.
  • Controller Extension Cable - Available in many colors, this extension cable plugs directly into the GameCube console and features heavy-duty wiring, durable braided construction and a compact spool design giving an extra six feet of range between the user and the television.

For Game Boy Advance

  • Flip Light - Great for late night gaming, the flip light automatically illuminates the screen and provides brighter, more vivid graphics when flipped up.
  • Light and Magnifier - Illuminates Game Boy Advance screen and magnifies up to 1.5X the original screen size.
  • TV Tuner - By inserting the TV Tuner into the game slot, the Game Boy Advance can be used for both playing games and watching television.
  • Soft Case - Available in many colors, the soft case protects the Game Boy Advance when traveling.
  • Water Resistant Case - This durable case will protect the Game Boy Advance against moisture, water and dust. It is also designed with a flexible transparent front for game-play and a water resistant membrane to resonate game sounds while inside its protective case.
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