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Arush Picks Up 'Devastation' Shooter

by Rainier on May 20, 2002 @ 3:27 p.m. PDT

Devastation has a dynamic tactical component that allows the gamer to decide how much control to exert over non-player character teammates, from giving individual commands to giving no commands at all-game players can coordinate an 8-person attack, or go in guns blazing, it's their choice. With 32 different areas, more than 30 different weapons, numerous multiplayer game styles and over-the-top graphics, Devastation offers FPS fans a captivating experience.

"I was blown away the first time I saw this game," said ARUSH Entertainment president and CEO Jim Perkins. "Devastation is a gunshot-to-the-head kind of experience: it's edgy, it's raw, and it'll shock your senses. "

The game not only uses next-generation Unreal technology, but it also incorporates real-world physics, providing for realistic object movements and incredible rag-doll deaths. The environment is completely interactive, where everything can be destroyed or manipulated-use garbage in the streets to set traps, or pick up broken bottles and slash your enemies. The use of sound in the game is dynamic as well--it can be manipulated or muffled to create diversions or to move around stealthily.

The advanced artificial intelligence controls enemies and teammates with micro-behaviors and heightened awareness. Teammates provide intelligent cooperation and assistance-they almost seem too real. Also, bots react differently each time the game is played, lending incredible replay value.

"We have made significant enhancements to the already amazing Unreal technology," said Vic DeLeon, Senior Producer of Digitalo. "The graphics in Devastation are so in-your-face that you'll think you're in the latest Hollywood thriller, and the environments and gameplay will suck you right in."

Devastation, currently in the pre-beta stage of its development, is being shown at the Electronic Entertainment Expo this week.

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