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Eck Vs. Sever (PS2/GBA) - Facts / Screens / Q&A

by Rainier on May 22, 2002 @ 11:45 a.m. PDT

Ecks vs. Sever PlayStation 2 is being developed by Seattle-based Zombie Studios. The movie, due in theatres this November, stars Antonio Banderas and Lucy Liu. Building on the release of last fall’s critically acclaimed Ecks vs. Sever for Game Boy Advance®, Ecks vs. Sever PlayStation 2 is anticipated to be available this November shortly after the release of the movie. We got some screens for the PS2 and Gameboy Advance version, as well as a short Q&A with Zombie Studios President John Williamson. Njoy!

Eck Vs. Sever (PS2)

Enter a world of trained killers, high-technology weapons, mass violence and government conspiracy. Hidden from view – this is the real world. Jonathan Ecks – ex-FBI. Man hunter. The best. Scarred by the loss of his family. Sever – rogue NSA agent. Weaned on violence. Trained assassin. Cold, disciplined, effective. Seeking retribution from the government that betrayed her.

Based on the upcoming Franchise Pictures movie, this is the story of two spies who are lifelong adversaries. Engaged in a cat-and-mouse game, Jonathan Ecks is an FBI agent hunting Sever, a rouge NSA agent. Ecks thinks he’s in control. Sever thinks she’s in control. But who’s really pulling the strings here? Are they both just pawns in a much bigger game? And will they survive long enough for justice to be served?

Key Features

  • First person shooter using the LithTech engine
  • Play as both Ecks and Sever; alternate roles throughout the game as the storyline progresses
  • Experience multiple combinations of outcomes as the events played as one role affect the other’s character’s experience.
  • Characters will have different strengths and weaknesses allowing each to conquer objectives in their own unique way
  • 20 single player missions and Three levels of difficulty
  • Multiple realistic weapons each with their own special effects and animations--Rifles, Shotguns, Grenade Launchers, Submachine Guns, and more
  • “Day after Tomorrow” weaponry incorporating next generation ballistics technology
  • Nano-Bugs, KRINKOV Rifles, Vector Handguns, FN P90 Assault Rifle
  • Cooperative mode where 2 players can work together as Ecks and Sever.
  • Realistic locations modeled on the actual film sets, such as construction sites, office blocks, prison buses, an aquarium, sewer systems, to back alleys, highways, train yards and more.
  • Sophisticated AI – enemies that “see” your flashlight beam, hear your footsteps, take cover and return fire. While guarding areas, enemies will wander the level, react to alarms, and recognize the physical signs of a fight…
  • Real-world Physics - Enemies topple from ledges, tumble down stairs, and crawl away on hands and knees. Gunshots knock them off their feet, explosions hurl them through the air, and stick them to walls. Surface-specific bullet holes, scorch marks, sparks, steam, smoke, fire, tracers, blood splats, and debris all help bring the levels to life.
  • Creative involvement from both Franchise Pictures as well as KAOS (Movie’s Director)

Eck Vs. Sever (GameBoy Advance)

Key Features

  • Inspired by the upcoming Warner Bros.
  • Over 24 single player missions, playing as former FBI agent Ecks or rogue NSA agent Sever
  • Five different modes of Multiplayer Multi Pak action including 2-player Co-operative campaigns, Death Match, Assassination, Bomb Kit and Capture The Flag
    Explosive, destructible environments. Cause real destruction in real settings
  • Explore bigger and more realistic areas in actual locations in the United States and the rest of the world
  • Vastly improved enemy AI reacting to sound, sight and threatening situations. Play with up to six bots in Multiplaye.
  • A massive array of realistic weapons including hand-to-hand items, player guided homing missiles, pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifle, grenades, tazer and lasers
  • New advanced technology to handle including laser trip wires, IR goggles, jetpack, aqualung, proximity mines, grenades and hovering spy cam
  • Improved player controls. Move and aim at different targets and pull off headshots when necessary. Control smart missiles and spy cameras
  • Complete your objectives using various methods of transportation including riding in a car, catching a subway train and swimming underwater
  • Interact with other characters to find out information and receive items
  • Atmospheric score, vocal samples and realistic weapon sounds

Developer Q&A – Ecks Vs Sever (PS2 version)

Q : Please describe your game

John Williamson : A Goldeneye-styled, First Person Shooter (FPS) based on the Dante Entertainment’s motion picture license: Ecks Vs. Sever, starring Antonio Banderas and Lucy Lui. The movie is a story of two spies, engaged in a cat-and-mouse game of action. Jonathan Ecks (Banderas) is a disgruntled FBI agent hunting Sever (Liu), a rogue NSA agent.

Q : What made Goldeneye a runaway blockbuster hit?

John Williamson : A great license and a solid FPS game mechanic. That’s our concept: challenging levels and AI, great weapons, fun pickups, split-screen multiplayer – all based on characters and scenes from the movie.

Ecks vs Sever will be based on Monolith’s No One Lives Forever PS2 game engine – guaranteeing an on time ship date and a well balanced game. Like Half Life, Zombie will start with a fully tested and debugged code base, allowing us to focus on the game, instead of building technology.

Q : Does the game include multiplayer modes?

John Williamson : Yes. Both 4 player split screen and PS2 Multitap.

Q : What separates this game from others in its genre?

John Williamson : An action packed FPS, designed for console game play - inspired by characters, weapons, gadgets and locations from the movie.

Double the play value - play either Ecks or Sever. Each character has different advantages/disadvantages in speed, lethality, weapons choices and survivability.

Plenty of game play - 20 mission levels, 3 levels of difficulty, 2 player characters = 120 total experiences.

Split-screen multiplayer – custom multiplayer levels and 2 or 4 split-screen player views for deathmatch, capture the flag, king of the hill and assassin games.

Unlock a bonus level - by beating the game and playing the “snow globe” level (a fun fantasy level set entirely inside a snow club).

Enemies topple from ledges, tumble down stairs, and crawl away on hands and knees. Gunshots knock them off their feet, explosions hurl them through the air, and stick them to walls.

Sophisticated AI - that “see” your flashlight, hear your footsteps, take cover and return fire.

Back story unfolds - both in actual gameplay and through a series of in-game cinematics.

Lip-synching, eye-blinking, and animation blending - brings the game to life.

Surface-specific bullet holes - scorch marks, sparks, steam, smoke, fire, tracers, blood splats, and debris.

Music in the game responds to game play - tempo and action.

Q : What technical challenges did you face on this project?

John Williamson : It has gone very well so far. The biggest challenge had been multiplayer.

Ecks vs Sever is based on LithTech’s PS2 game engine and source code for No One Lives Forever (NOLF). Like Half Life, Ecks vs Sever will start with a code base that is feature complete – allowing Zombie to focus on game play and level design. Computer Gaming World gave NOLF 4 ½ stars out of 5 - "The best single-player shooter of the year." IGN gave NOLF its Editors Choice Award - "Plenty of trigger-happy action to make for one of the best gaming experiences we've had all year."

Q : How have you found working with this platform?

John Williamson : The PS2 has been a dream to work on. Mature middleware tools and great support from SONY.

Q : What parts of the game are you most proud of?

John Williamson : The game looks almost exactly like the movie sets we visited while the film was in production.

Q : What were your influences on this project?

John Williamson : Golden Eye for N64!

Q : What products have the team previously worked on?

John Williamson : Disney’s Atlantis, Novalogic’s Delta Force, Infograme’s Rainbow Six, EA’s SSX Tricky (for PC) and Take2’s SPEC OPS.

Q : How long has the game been in development?

John Williamson : As of E3 it will be 22 weeks.

Q : If based on a licence, how closely have you worked with the licensor?

John Williamson : Very. We’ve met the film’s Director on his set and been an integral part of the production.

Q : How closely is the game based on the licence?

John Williamson : Like Golden Eye and Mission Impossible, the game is based on the characters and locations in the films, but takes liberties with the plot to make the most fun game possible.

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