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'SOCOM: US Navy SEALS' - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on May 27, 2002 @ 1:03 a.m. PDT

As an elite SEAL commander, your team has been called to fight terrorists in 12 of the most deadly operations ever. With more than 60 weapons, superior intelligence, intense training and unparalleled skills and tactical maneuvers at your disposal, protect freedom wherever it is in danger. Njoy the screens!


Single Player GAMEPLAY

  • Engage enemy terrorists with fellow SEAL team members via team-based gameplay.
  • Multiplayer (online) missions are unique and are altered for different types of offensive and defensive tactical/strategic maneuvers.
  • Utilize the SOCOM headset (included with each game) to communicate with fellow SEAL team members. Using Voice Commands, you can verbally command your teammates to perform actions and they'll respond back to you through the headset. A detailed list of commands and tactics is available for the player to use when directing their team.
  • Realistic SEAL missions and gameplay place players in the action.
  • Players fight through 12 unique missions in 4 richly detailed international locations (Alaska, Thailand, Congo and Turkmenistan).
  • No two missions use the same combination of challenges and required skills. Some require stealth and precision, while others require physical combat, endurance, cunning and demolition.
  • Missions include ambushes, chases, hostage taking, search and rescue, demolitions, laser designating targets, night fighting, reconnaissance, clearing buildings and other exciting combat situations. Each mission has multiple primary and secondary objectives that must be completed in order to successfully complete the mission.
  • Mission areas are designed to encourage strategic and tactical battles. Hiding places, sniper perches and key open areas are provided.
  • Player movements were created from motion capture sessions from SEAL consultants. Each player's movements were created to provide the most realistic gameplay action possible.
  • Computer controlled teammates work alongside the player to assist the mission plan and follow the player's direct orders. Each of these teammates has equipment, abilities and characteristics that allow him to perform his tasks at hand. If things don't go as originally planned, the player can use a command menu to give teammates new orders immediately.
  • Intelligent computer AI acts and reacts realistically. The enemies also usually have home turf advantage. This allows for them to set traps and fire on the SEAL team from strategic hiding places. Make a noise or movement in one direction and the AI will react defensively in your direction. Leave yourself vulnerable in one area and the AI will seek you out.
  • The SEAL team has access to approximately 60 different types of weapons including the latest in handguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, sub-machine guns, machine guns, grenades, laser designators, explosives, remote detonated anti-personnel mines and night vision equipment. Weapons are realistic in their accuracy and are affected by many real-life factors, including fatigue, movement and weapon recoil.
  • Intuitive play control offers lots of replay value.
  • Missions can take place in both indoor and outdoor settings, which allows the player a variety of options for setting up ambushes, etc. Many environments also include moving objects such as vehicles and machinery.
  • SEAL missions take place in a variety of weather conditions and times of day, affecting the player's actions accordingly.
  • Incredible graphics allow environments to look amazingly realistic.
  • Realistic shadows and lighting really add to the atmosphere and play a big part in getting your SEAL team in and out of closely guarded areas without being seen.


  • Support for 16 players (8 per team) over a broadband connection. In order to keep the action fast and the gameplay furious, analog modems are not supported.
  • The online gameplay encompasses players taking the role of either SEALs or terrorists and then working with their fellow team members to defeat the other side. There are 3 game types in 12 online multiplayer maps created specifically for on-line play (different from single player locations). A lobby, chat rooms, ladder rankings and clan support are also included.
  • Three online multi-player game types including Demolition, Hostage Rescue and Suppression.
  • Demolition: The SEAL team and terrorist team face off to see who can destroy the other team's base. Somewhere in the middle of the map is a powerful explosive, both teams must rush to get the explosive and plant it in the other team's base in order to win the level. But there is only one explosive, so it is a power struggle to see who can keep control of the explosive and bringing it successfully to the other team's base.
  • Hostage Rescue: The SEAL team must locate and extract hostages that the terrorists are protecting. If the SEALs can rescue the hostages or defeat all of the terrorists they win.
  • Suppression: Kill or be killed. The objective is to wipe out the other team completely. The team with the most men standing at the end of the round wins.
  • Clan Support: Players can create online teams and invite other players into their team (clan). This allows them to display their team "tag" in matches. Clans can also compete against another Clan in special clan games.
  • Ranking Ladders: See how you compare with other SOCOM players worldwide. Each player is ranked on the SOCOM ranking ladder. Are you good enough to reach first place?
  • Persistent servers and games mean that there will always be someone out there to play with. Plus, you don't have to wait in a game lobby for enough people to join your game in order to start playing; you can join in the middle of any running game that has room.
  • VOIP support: The SOCOM USB headset can be used to communicate verbally with fellow team members during online games. This allows you to easily coordinate tactics by telling your teammates what to do with your voice rather than typing in a message. You can also use sub-channels for offense and defense in order to more easily communicate with your teammates.


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