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'Kingdom Under Fire : The Crusaders' (PC/Xbox) - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on May 28, 2002 @ 1:18 p.m. PDT

Kingdom Under Fire : The Crusaders is thrilling real-time strategy game that virtually places you in the epic battlefield of a fantasy world achieved by the epochal graphic power of Xbox. Remember the gigantic scale war-scene at the beginning of the movie, “The Lord of the Rings” and “Gladiators”? Ever wished you could be part of this battle for the destiny of the world? Ever wished you could take the control of the army and decide the outcome of this battle? The Crusaders delivers this dream of all RTS, action and fantasy fans, powered by the Xbox. Njoy!

Be a mighty hero himself mercilessly slashing enemies into pieces in the true to nature battle or a discipline leader of highly trained troops combating in the bloody front filled with massive crowds and piles of bodies. Watch hundreds of real-life looking warriors struggle for survival and victory under the total control of your strategic mastermind. The Crusaders is the dream come true of all RTS, action and fantasy fans.


50 years have been passed since the Second Great War of Heroes. The legendary artifact that caused the Great War, Ancient Heart, was long gone. The story of Great War was becoming a bedtime fairy tales. The land of Bersia seemed to in peace while four countries are mending their wounds from the war. However, a history has a tendency to repeat itself all over again.

Without a warning, little town at the border near the Sacred Land – where Ancient Heart was once there – had been invaded by merciless Orcs. Responding to this foul act, Hironeiden declares a war against evil Vellond and start their invasion on Hexter. Soon after, Ecclesia jumped into the war in the name of protecting the Sacred Land.

Game Features

  • Experience chaotic medieval battle on epic scale!
  • Up to 450 units on one battlefield, each rendered using 3000 to 4000 polygons!
  • Pushing the capability of XBox to the limit. KUF: The Crusaders will bring XBox down to its knee!
  • Various Elements to Build Your Strategies On
  • Dazzling sunlight, ground height, weaponry, density of soldiers, attack timing, surrounding nature, moral, and experience points are just few examples which could affect player’s strategy.

Powerful Hero/Heroine System

  • Control your hero/heroine to tilt the tide of battle, with special moves and abilities.
  • Sub heroes exist to aid the main hero. They can cast lots of powerful magic during hero’s attack delays.
  • The hero/heroine are powerful enough to overturn losing battle, but not too powerful so that one hero/heroine can take destroy whole army.

Unit Upgrade System

  • Main character and his/her soldiers can gain experiences and level up as they progress through the game.
  • Between each missions, money can be spent to purchase weapons and armors to upgrade soldiers.

4 Different Perspectives

  • A player can choose one of 4 main characters (races) at the beginning of the game. Depending on the selection, a player will experience completely different perspective of the central storyline.
  • Aside from obvious mission differences, same event will be presented in four different moods and cut scenes.

Realistic Sound Effects

  • Soldiers shout battle information out on top of their lungs instead of dull text messages on the screen.
  • A sound of pain and agony, roar and cry, and shout of victory will correctly reflect flow of the battle.

Dynamic Camera Works

  • Dynamic camera works only seen on blockbuster movies will be used to capture the feeling of true epic battle.

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