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Various 'Crave' Titles (Xbox/PS2/GCB) - Screens

by Rainier on May 28, 2002 @ 4:12 p.m. PDT

Today we have some Crave titles that seem to have slipped under most people's radar, and of course we're here to save the day (yea i know i'm losing it). Featured games are : The Lost (Xbox/PS2)- Whirl Tour (PS2/Gamecube) and H2o Overdrive (PS2)

Product Description:

The most twisted psychological thriller game ever conceived, The Lost takes the survival horror genre to all new depths. Introducing an incredibly deep storyline with engaging character development, The Lost will have gamers’ hearts and minds racing as they explore nine, frightening circles of Hell.

Key Features:

  • Nine frightening, modernized circles of Hell to explore, ranging from Self Destruction of the Juggernath circle to the Concentration Camp barracks of the Limbo circle.
  • A variety of ghastly NPCs that not only hinder your progress but may aid or reward you for helping them execute dastardly deeds.
  • Over 50 unique character items to find, plus more than a dozen special agnostic items such as Infusion, Decoy and Infection Orbs.
  • First Survival Horror/RPG that allows you to freely transform into three unique, alternative personas (Instinct, Shadow and Corruption); Each customizable using a robust RPG skill system.
  • A truly bone-chilling experience with eerie music, an ever-twisting story and unmatched 3D environments.
  • Storytelling at its digital best, with all the interactivity and action you expect from the team that brought you System Shock 2, one of the scariest PC games ever.


H2Overdrive races across the solar system, on rivers, lakes, man-made canals, tropical paradises, frozen seas and sunken worlds. In these unique and dangerous locales, anything goes. Weapons, shortcuts and powerful engines will be your only means to stay afloat on the ever-changing water circuits.

For the racers in this over the top, water sports competition the stakes are high. To become the champion, you must command 10 powerful, well-armed speedboats through 10 different water environments.

  • Several single player and multiplayer game play modes including Championship, Simple Race, Duel, Elimination, Check Point, "Ghost," and "Points Race."
  • 10 huge, incredible tracks ranging from Icelandic splendors to an amusement park and even the human body. Each track is accessible in mirror or reverse mode.
  • 10 vehicles, each with original specifications (speed, armor, maneuverability, acceleration).
  • Fantastic Multiplayer mode allows up 2 to 4 players on split screen!
  • Plenty of secret areas, weapons and hidden tracks.


"Whirl Tour will feature an engaging storyline, addictive game play and Papaya Studio's 2nd generation Utopia™ console engine technology," explained Mark Burke, Senior Vice President, Development, at Crave Entertainment. "Papaya's slick engine enables the creation of expansive, highly detailed and colorful environments, blazingly fast rendering speed and animation quality leading to incredibly smooth game play."

The Whirl Tour story begins when someone kidnaps six members of an "up and coming" rock band. The player, who starts in the role of the band's Roadie, must save each of the band members and uncover the mystery of their capture. The action takes players through eight creative, colorfully rendered, interactive levels, like a castle, amusement park, and oil refinery, populated with pedestrians, traffic, animals and other animated objects. Rather than running around levels, players will utilize a variety of gas, electric, and rocket powered scooters.


Mad skills and puzzle solving are key aspects of the game as players battle enemies, pull off a huge variety of tricks, unlock secret areas, and grab musical tracks. As the band members are rescued, they become playable characters, which unleashes additional tricks and scooters. Fast paced, trick oriented action, and open-ended exploration will be rewarded not just with points, but by allowing the player to save the band members and uncover the mystery of their disappearance. Whirl Tour will offer seven different modes including two-player race, monster trick, split-screen versus, and even a cooperative mode.

Both the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2 renderers were written to capitalize on the unique advantages of each platform. The anticipated release date for Whirl Tour, for both platforms, is fourth quarter 2002.


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