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'Graphic State' Reveals Cuttin Edge Technology For GBA - Screens

by Rainier on May 28, 2002 @ 4:14 p.m. PDT

Building on the technology behind previous titles such as Dark Arena and STAR X, Graphic State has created a new set of 3D game routines which represent a major advance for handheld gaming. Game Boy Advance games can now far more accurately represent their console/PC counterparts - with detailed 3D environments and hundreds of on-screen sprites. Handheld game players can now experience 3D gameplay similar to games previously seen on the original PlayStation. Included are screens from 3 upcoming titles.

"Our current projects which use the new technology are a major step forward, with sophisticated player/camera control such as multiple cameras, tracking cameras, camera pitch and role, camera zoom, flying, jumping, crouching, crawling," says Richard Whittall, Creative Director of Graphic State. "With many advanced features such as full texture mapping on all surfaces, lighting effects, depth shading, animated textures, fluid sprite animations, weather effects."

Dark System

"We can now create games for the Game Boy Advance that are a generation ahead of current titles, almost like the leap from consoles such as the SNES to the original Playstation. Games with knockout visuals and gameplay that will really get noticed, which is essential in the busy GBA marketplace."

Using the same 3D polygon technology, Graphic State has also created a Sports Engine - designed specifically for sports and racing games. This allows sports games to be re-created within a proper 3D environment on the Game Boy Advance, perfect for race games such as Motocross, GT, F1, SuperBikes, and sports games such as Soccer, Hockey, American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Snooker/Pool.


Sports engine

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