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V-Rally 3 (GBA) - Trailer

by Rainier on May 29, 2002 @ 1:08 p.m. PDT

V-Rally 3 for Game Boy Advance utilizes a brand new 3D engine, allowing the display of several hundred polygons in 256 colors. In addition, the engine uses more than a hundred textures and runs at 20 images per second for fluid animations. V-Rally 3 includes two multiplayer modes for ultimate two-player Game Boy Advance fun. Check out this rather impressive trailer!

The trailer shows off 1min30seconds of in-game action giving you a glimpse at the quite impressive weather effects (rain, snow). From the looks of it you can switch between 3rd person view aswell as 1st person perspective. When i saw this i was quite surprised to see the high quality on this game .. Way to go!

The original V-Rally game, developed by Infogrames’ Eden Studios, the French software team known for their mastery of racing games, debuted on PlayStation in 1997. The game soon became one of the system’s benchmark racers and set the standard for racing graphics and great playability, which exploded onto virtually every major platform. While Eden Studios is bringing their development expertise to V-Rally 3 for PlayStation 2, V-Rally 3 for Game Boy Advance is in development by Infogrames’ internal studio in France. Both games will feature licensed cars and loads of tracks and will be distributed by Infogrames, Inc. to most major retail stores this summer.

Grab the V-Rally 3 trailer off Worthplaying the server (3.5mb/1.30min)

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