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Wanadoo & Antik Games Conclude 'Pax Romana' Publishing Deal

by Rainier on May 3, 2002 @ 11:59 a.m. PDT

Following on from its recent publishing and distribution agreements for the RTS Druid Kings and Kohan: Ahriman’s Gift, this partnership will allow Wanadoo consolidate its new editorial policy dedicated to publishing strategy games. The new agreement is also in keeping with Wanadoo’s desire to create a worldwide network of partners – all of whom share its philosophy of designing and publishing original and innovative games. To this effect, Antik Games have created a high quality game which the Wanadoo team wants to ensure reaches as wide a public as possible.

From their very beginnings, Antik Games have specialised in the creation of large-scale strategy games based on the faithful recreation of genuine historical conditions. Having decisively contributed to the computer adaptation of the board game Europa Universalis (an original concept from the Antik Games design team), Antik Games are now aiming to create the most original and innovative game ever on the subject of ancient Rome for Wanadoo. This agreement also allows Antik Games to envisage a whole series of original strategy games based on key topics and periods throughout History.

Developed in France by Antik Games, Pax Romana is a real-time strategy game based on Roman history from the Punic Wars to the Civil War. It has two levels of complexity: pure strategy or strategy and politics. The game allows players unleash all their machiavellian and diplomatic talents, and pits them against either the game’s highly developed Artificial Intelligence or other players in multi-player mode. The game provides a historically faithful recreation of the political, economic, diplomatic and military conditions of the time.

Antik Games S.A.
Created in 1998, is based in Meylan, in the vicinity of Grenoble (France), in the midst of the ZIRST. The main activity of Antik Games S.A. is design and develoment of historical strategy games for the PC CD-ROM platform and the multimedia industry. The aim is to create a wide range of games that are at the same time faithfully inspired from reliable historical data and providing great strategy gameplay and fun. Antik Games strives to offer players a large amount of choices and possibilities in its products, be they military, economic, diplomatic, technological or political.

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