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'Myst III: Exile' Voted Best Video Game Soundtrack

by Rainier on May 3, 2002 @ 11:18 p.m. PDT

Proving to be a major hit amongst critics and consumers alike, the latest chapter in the critically acclaimed Myst saga continues its domination at the top of the game soundtrack business as Game Industry News awarded The Soundtrack of the Year to the top-selling Myst III: Exile, published by Ubi Soft.
"It's a great soundtrack and Jack Wall should be very proud of his work," said John Breeden, Chief Editor of Game Industry News. "The goal of a soundtrack is to set the mood of the game and Myst III: Exile excels at this."

Jack Wall’s music for Myst III: Exile has garnered high praise and excitement among the media, who had the following to say about the soundtrack:

  • "Pulse-quickening orchestral score."
  • "The moody, new-age soundtrack [is] impressive."
    USA Today
  • "A lush, fully orchestrated soundtrack."
  • "The music is always nice and ranges from dramatic to mysterious and can really bring you further into the game."
  • "The goal of a soundtrack is to set the mood of the game and Myst III: Exile excels at this."
    Game Industry News (GiN)
  • "You'll also notice the brilliant, subtle, soundtrack lilting in the background, evoking an otherworldly and almost relaxing sense of being."
    Extended Play (TechTV)
  • "…music crescendos to heighten tension and point you in the right direction. The art and sound departments deserve raises."
  • "This is New; everything that Experimental Music aims to be, with the added and elusive element of gorgeous melodies…Jack Wall is a master."
  • "The musical sound track by Jack Wall is both mystical and magical."

For further information on Jack Wall visit his official web site

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