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SOF2 Multiplayer Test - Fixes

by Rainier on May 3, 2002 @ 11:55 p.m. PDT

Since the SoF II test was release Raven Software has recieved a few hundred emails with suggestions and comments for improvements. The following is a list of what has been fixed, changed, and or updated since the test build was made available. Note, this does not mean Raven are releasing a patch for the test, instead its simply an update to let everyone know what we have been up to.
  • run animations revamped to help eliminate foot sliding
  • new lean animations added
  • fixed bug that prevented you from seeing yourself type a chat message
  • server option to disable specifc votes
  • now says who killed you above scoreboard after dying
  • added affirmative and negative radio messages
  • thermal and nightvision goggles are now visible on players
  • flags and briefcase show up as icons now in radar
  • added "knife" keyword to "weaptoggle" command
  • "weaptoggle" command now accepts a single parameter (ie, weaptoggle primary)
  • sort columns on server browser fixed
  • password protected column added to the server browser
  • server browser screen enlarged to allow more info to be displayed
  • flashbang cheat fixed
  • grenade timer reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds
  • flame grenade effect now more accurately represents the damage area
  • can no longer easily stand on another players head
  • should not be able to identify enemies in deathmatch through walls
  • when hitting esc after connecting to a full server you will be placed back into the joinserver screen.
  • fast weapon switch option added to allow weapon switching without the menu
  • players in deathmatch now start with full armor
  • all bullet weapons now do a bit more damage
  • client command added to switch back to last used weapon (weaplast)
  • can now lean 25% further
  • can no longer more forward or backward when leaning (but can still strafe)
  • footstep sound volume increased
  • when ghosting you can now see the team identifier icons
  • server command added to allow admins to cancel a vote (cancelvote)
  • new lean button added that when held down will allow strafe right and left to act as lean right and left
  • more gore and an option to control how much
  • dropped guns dont all point in the same direction now
  • can now set how many decals are in the world at once (rather than time based)
  • server side cvars added to help prevent radio spamming
  • thrown knives no longer stop the helicopter rotors
  • scoreboard will now come up alot faster
  • dead status of players on the scoreboard will now update alot faster
  • option added to have bodies stay around for the entire round in infiltration and elimination
  • can no longer call vote to kick someone if there is nobody on the server with that name
  • thrown knives no longer dismember
  • server side cvar added to turn off additional scoring for ctf and infiltration game modes
  • no longer switch to dead players when cycling through players to follow
  • bug which would show zero ammo and the wrong weapon in the hud is fixed
  • blood effects revamped
  • anti-teamkill system added
  • pause that would happen when someone joined a server has been fixed
  • autorun is turned off when you die now
  • shadows should no longer clip through walls
  • dead bodies now have shadows
  • can now see team scores and fps on the hud at the same time
  • can no give a reason when using the "clientkick" command
  • server option added to help prevent vote spamming
  • barrel bug/cheat on mp_shop rooftop fixed
  • death messages now have the names color coded for easier idenfication of who died
  • double briefcase bug fixed
  • falling through wall bug fixed
  • can now disable auto-reload
  • vote yes and vote no are now bindable in the menu
  • extendtime command added to server
  • server can no disable all weapons all the way down to just knives
  • accuracy reduced when jumping
  • fixed bug that would cause grenades to no always kill you when you hold them too long
  • fixed bug that would prevent grenades from falling and exploding after being killed one one armed
  • message of the day should now show up when connecting to a server
  • added extra clip to M1911A1
  • players will momentairly catch on fire when hit by a fire grenade
  • players will have burn marks on them after being hit in a grenade blast
  • fixed some of the spawn points that were in walls
  • "escape with briefcase" bug fixed
  • g_inactivity is now archived
  • should no longer spawn near the other team in infiltration or elimination
  • - and more that we couldnt remember....
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