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Eggo Mania (PS2/Gamecube) - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on May 30, 2002 @ 2:00 p.m. PDT

"Eggo Mania" has all you need for fun: falling blocks, a time limit, a competition mode, rising water, and Eggos! The Eggos, eight (plus five secret ones) egg-shaped heroes, catch the blocks, rotate them, and use them to build towers on little islands. Their aim is to escape the rising water and to be the first one to reach the goal far above. A wild race begins, and it is a lot of fun thanks to the many weapons, funny characters, and a lot of items. Witness water and lighting effects done with enhanced particle systems, multiple levels of translucency, and a beautifully presented, multi-layered and animated backdrop for each level.

You can play "Eggo Mania" head-to-head with friends or against a computer-controlled opponent in single player mode. The seven game modes include a solo high score test, a multiplayer tournament, a race against the clock and a weapons only battle in bomb mode.

How To Play

"Eggo Mania" presents the classic gaming experience: easy to understand, easy to learn, hard to master. The Eggos catch blocks falling down from the upper part of the screen. These blocks are rotated and used to build a solid tower. Only one block can be held at a time. The goal is to reach the balloon that hovers high in the air. But if the tower is not solid, rising water from below will wash away the blocks.


Items & Dangers

Next to the opponent player, many monsters try to steal blocks or force your Eggo into the water. The player can be caught in gas bubbles or attacked by bees, birds, and hungry fish. And if the tower is not build in a solid way, it starts to wobble and crash … But with one of the many items available it is possible to win: Super boots let you jump higher, magic mix filler fills the holes, bombs and hammers do bad things to enemy towers, and a thunderstorm will do more than just give your opponent a new hairdo.


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