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Hercules Partners With CyberLink

by Rainier on May 6, 2002 @ 5:32 p.m. PDT

CyberLink Corp., software developer of digital video entertainment applications and e-training solutions, and Hercules today jointly announced a strategic partnership to deliver a truly innovative and realistic movie viewing experience to consumers with PowerDVD Pro 6.1, offered as part of Hercules’ Game Theater XP 6.1 sound card system.

The two companies have teamed up to make PowerDVD Pro 6.1 the first software DVD player approved by Dolby Laboratories for Dolby Digital EX decoding, a new audio innovation from Dolby Laboratories that delivers a third surround audio channel to create an added sense of realism. This landmark software bundling agreement signals the commercial debut of PowerDVD Pro 6.1, based on PowerDVD 3.0, the award-winning software DVD/universal media player application for the PC, announced by CyberLink in October 2001.

"Dolby Laboratories has now taken Dolby Digital, the standard for 5.1 channel surround sound, one step further with Dolby Digital EX. This new technology adds an extra surround channel for an even more exciting, enveloping surround sound effect," states Dennis Staats, Account Manager, Asia Pacific at Dolby Laboratories. "CyberLink's PowerDVD Pro 6.1, offered with Hercules' Game Theater XP, is the world's first software DVD player to be certified for Dolby Digital EX and is a perfect example of how Dolby's new standards continue to be adopted in leading brand consumer entertainment products."

According to Alex Weng, Senior Product Manager of CyberLink Corp., "With PowerDVD Pro 6.1 on the Hercules Game Theater XP, audiophiles and DVD enthusiasts are provided with the most vibrant and immersive sound experience ever, utilizing up to 7 speakers, when playing DVD titles featuring Dolby Digital EX audio tracks. The additional rear audio channel produces a more realistic experience for the viewer and draws them into the movie in ways never before possible. Moreover, the Game Theatre XP 6.1 supports Dolby Headphone and DTS digital out via SPDIF, which allows for maximum enjoyment of DVD movies, CD music and MP3s played back using PowerDVD Pro 6.1, a special edition of the award-winning DVD software/universal media player application for the PC."

PowerDVD Pro 6.1 has been specially designed to take advantage of the highly renowned Game Theatre XP's sleek external rack and multiple high-quality connectors, supporting up to 7 speakers. The initial response to this audio technology breakthrough has been exceptional. "The Hercules Game Theater XP 6.1 was recently demonstrated at the CEBIT 2002 show in Hannover, Germany as the first sound card to offer PowerDVD's certified Dolby Digital EX decoding and was received with great amazement and attention," says Claude Guillemot, President and CEO of Guillemot Corporation.

"We selected CyberLink's PowerDVD for its brand value as the leading software DVD player on the market and because we trusted CyberLink's capacity to meet Dolby Laboratories' requirements," added Mr. Guillemot. "PowerDVD is a perfect example of the kind of robust hardware compatibility, support for various formats, great features and low CPU-consumption that we look for in our software bundles."

According to Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink, "Hercules has developed worldwide recognition through consistently providing innovative video and audio products for desktop PCs and we are extremely pleased to team up with them to offer this technological breakthrough. The addition of the Dolby certified PowerDVD Pro 6.1 on the Hercules Game Theater XP offers tremendous value to the consumer, who will now be able to obtain a truly exhilarating DVD experience directly on their PC."

About Game Theater XP 6.1
Composed of two elements, a sound card plus an attractive external case, this revolutionary concept in the gaming industry features the most powerful, convenient and easy-to-use solution ever offered to gamers, DVD fans and music lovers.
Bundled with PowerDVD Pro 6.1 (the latest version of PowerDVD) and an attractive external rack allowing users to hook up a 5.1 speaker system plus an additional speaker, Game Theater XP 6.1 is the first complete PC audio solution enabling users to experience the new 6.1 channel (7 speaker) surround sound with recent 6.1 DVDs, as well as Dolby Digital 5.1 DVDs. The card also supports Dolby Headphone Technology on its headphone output, as well as DTS™ and Dolby Digital formats on its digital outputs (coaxial or optical).
Hardcore gamers will discover a whole new world of possibilities in the Game Theater XP™ 6.1, with its powerful DSP for an unparalleled gaming experience in vivid 3D sound on up to 7 speakers. Multiple USB and game ports accessible on the front panel allow players to plug in several game peripherals simultaneously for multi-player gaming.

Music enthusiasts are sure to be wooed by the Game Theater XP™ 6.1's USB port (enabling high-speed downloads to a USB MP3 player), optical and co-axial digital In/Out (for loading

digital audio files onto DAT or MiniDisc™), and the 1/4" Mic pre-amplifier input jack for connection of a high-quality microphone.

About PowerDVD
PowerDVD is the world's leading high-quality audio and video DVD software player, with advanced navigation and the most complete hardware support available. CyberLink's PowerDVD can deliver high-quality DVD playback at full frame rates with extremely low CPU consumption (only 350MHz CPU or greater required). New features added to its already long list include Dolby Headphone Technology, bringing a Virtual Surround experience to any standard pair of stereo headphones and Digital Zoom, allowing users to view special effects, hidden features and fine details at either 4 or 9 times the normal screen ratio. PowerDVD has been and continues to be an excellent solution for OEM manufacturers, due to its low CPU consumption and high level of hardware compatibility.

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