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Hercules Introduces GameTheatre XP 6.1

by Rainier on May 6, 2002 @ 6:39 p.m. PDT

Since Hercules and Cyberlink (the makers of PowerDVD) announced a collaboration earlier today to bring you the best possible sound to your home, Hercules now introduces their upgraded GameTheatre XP to support and take full advantage of CyverLink's PowerDVD Pro 6.1! I want one!

Discover cutting-edge 6.1 surround technology for the most realistic and vibrant audio experience in games/DVD/music!

Enjoy ultra simplicity, maximum versatility and optimum audio fidelity with the attractive highly flexible external rack!

The most powerful sound card for gamers

  • A powerful Cirrus Logic® audio processor to take full advantage of the 3D audio effects in games on 2, 4, 6 or 7 (6.1) speakers, without slowing down performance! (Microsoft® Directsound 3D™, EAX™2.0, and A3D™ 1.0 hardware accelerators).
  • Unrivalled 360° sound positioning, thanks to Sensaura™ audio technology.
  • Sleek external rack for easy access to the audio connectors, game port and the 4 high speed USB* ports (compatible with all USB peripheral devices). Simply plug in your joysticks, racing wheels, gamepads, headphones and mic… and play!
  • Among the many software applications bundled with the card is Sensaura Virtual Ear™, which brings gaming even closer to reality by allowing users to personalize 3D sound effects in all of their favorite games.

6.1 channel surround sound for DVD fans

Thanks to the PowerDVD™ Pro 6.1 software application and Game Theater XP 6.1, users can enjoy:

  • Dolby Digital™ 5.1 and Dolby Digital™EX certified surround sound.
  • 6.1 channel surround sound with the new generation of Dolby Digital EX 6.1 DVDs.
  • 6.1 channel surround sound with standard Dolby Digital 5.1 DVDs.
    To take advantage of 6.1 channel surround sound, simply connect an additional amplified speaker to the headphone jack and enjoy all the benefits of this highly-evolved sound card, allowing users to take full advantage of the most cutting-edge DVD technology!
  • Dolby® Headphones allows you to discover the pleasure of surround sound on a standard headphone set.
  • AC3, DTS™ support, via the digital outputs (coaxial and optical).

A complete studio for audiophiles and MP3 fans

  • Unlimited MP3 encoding and MP3 hardware decoding (MP3 encoder provided with MUSICMATCH™ Jukebox).
  • Full-featured home studio with multiple high quality connectors: gold-plated RCA analog inputs and ouputs, optical and coaxial digital input and ouput.
  • Accessible USB ports to connect a USB MP3 player, quickly and easily*.
  • Pre-amplified microphone input with gain control.
  • Complete MIDI interface (DIN MIDI-In/MIDI-Out connectors)
  • Audio and MIDI compatibility with top-of-the-line music software applications, such as Cubase VST™, Cakewalk™, Logic Audio™…
  • * PC with USB port required for use of the USB hub.
Data Transfer PCI 2.1 bus Audio Processor (DSP) New generation Crystal CS4630
  • Audio Converters
  • 18-bit ADC/20-bit DAC
    For high audio quality at sampling rates of up to 48kHz
  • Full Game and Audio Compatibility
  • Sensaura™ based 3D positional Audio with support for Microsoft® DirectSound™ 3D, EAX™ 2.0, A3D™ 1.0, I3DL2™,
    MacroFX™, MultiDrive™, ZoomFX™, EnvironmentFX™
  • Legacy audio support for older DOS Games


  • Synthesizer
  • DSP accelerated synthesis engine allows for an unlimited number of voices (64-voice hardware)
  • 8MB General MIDI/GS™ sample set
  • DLS support - GM™ (General MIDI)
  • Yamaha Soft Synthesizer™ S-YXG50™:
    676 instrument sounds and 21 drum kits
    Effects: reverb and chorus
  • PCI Card Connector
  • DB44 connector to rack
  • 1/8" *Aux Line-In jack
  • Internal: MPC connectors for CD-Audio and Aux2-In.
  • Front Connector
  • 1/4" Headphone output jack with volume control
  • 1/4" Line-In 2/Mic-In toggle jack with microphone gain control
  • 1/4"to 3.5mm adapter provided
  • RCA Line-In jacks (left and right)
  • Game port & 2 USB ports (1 and 2)
  • Rear Connector
  • 1/8" Main stereo Line-Out jack
  • 1/8" Surround stereo Line-Out jack
  • 6 gold-plated Line-Out RCA connectors:
    (Main Left and Right/Surround Left and Right /Center/Subwoofer)
  • 2 additional USB ports (3 & 4)
  • DB44 connector to PCI card
  • Digital S/PDIF Input (Coaxial & Optical)
    (32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz)
  • Digital S/PDIF Output (Coaxial & Optical)
    (Set to 48kHz)
  • MIDI-In/MIDI-Out DIN connectors (MPU-401 compatible)
  • Rack Dimension
  • 4.3 x 21.6 x 15.5cm (1/2 U)
    (H: 1.7 W: 8.5 D: 6.1 inches)
  • Cable between the PCI card and rack: 2m
    (78.74 inches)



  • Game Theater XP PCI sound card and external rack
  • 2-meter cable to link sound card to external rack
  • Headphone adaptor
  • Installation CD-ROM, Installation guide

Free bundled software:

  • PowerDVD™ Pro 6.1 (DVD player with 5.1 & 6.1 channel software decoding and Dolby Headphones Technology)
  • Cyberlink's world famous software DVD player
  • Ultimate DVD solution to enjoy all the benefits of DVD entertainment
  • High quality audio and video playback
  • Low CPU consumption
  • Sensaura Virtual Ear™ (3D sound positioning configuration utility)
  • Yamaha Soft Synthesizer™ S-YXG50™
  • Sonic Foundry® ACID Xpress (25 free loops)
  • Sonic Foundry® SIREN™ Jukebox press (20 free MP3 rips/encodes)
  • Magix® playR™ jukebox

Customer service and support:


Minimum system requirements:
Windows 95/98, Millennium Edition, 2000 & XP
Intel Pentiumâ MMX 233MHz and higher or compatible
PCI 2.1 slot, 16MB RAM
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
Headphones or amplified speakers.
PowerDVD™'s 5.1 or 6.1 decoding and Dolby® Headphone processing:
Intel® Pentium® 2 350MHz, Celeron® 350, AMD K6™-2 300MHz,
32MB RAM, DVD-ROM drive

USB hub feature:
Windows 98, Millennium Edition and 2000
Available USB port

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