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Softwrap Announce Deal With Stardock

by Rainier on May 7, 2002 @ 1:56 p.m. PDT

Softwrap, the British-based company that allows software to be virtually 'shrink-wrapped' and securely distributed electronically, today announced a deal with Stardock, a PC games developer. The partnership will enable Stardock's customers to try the popular PC game, LightWeight Ninja, before going on to buy, whilst the software remains totally secure against piracy.
LightWeight Ninja combines many classic elements from games such as Commander Keen and Super Mario Brothers, with the advantages of modern PC hardware to deliver a game that plays like a classic action game but visually looks and feels like a cartoon. In the game, you are Ty, a genetically enhanced super-ninja who has been raised by the mysterious billionaire Elliot Xavier, CEO of X Industries, known as Mr X. You have been sent on a mission to destroy the allegedly evil rival of Mr X, Sentetsu. But as you progress, things are not as they appear and you must unravel the mystery of why Mr X so fears Sentetsu and wants him eliminated.

Larry Kuperman, Sales and Marketing, Stardock comments "What makes Ninja LightWeight unique, beyond being a game that has broad appeal to the entire family, is the distribution method we have chosen. We decided to join forces with Softwrap to maximise our marketing activities and customer experience. We are confident that they will open new sales and distribution channels for us."

Emma Morris, Marketing Director, Softwrap, said "We are delighted to have signed up Stardock to our extensive client list, which is now hitting the 4,500 plus mark! LightWeight Ninja is a terrific game and we feel that our technology and distribution methods will certainly add to its popularity and success".

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