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'Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project' Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on June 18, 2002 @ 12:08 a.m. PDT

3D Realms has just released the first update patch for their recently released 'Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project' (developed by Sunstorm Interactive). This v1.01 patch fixes a bunch of little problems, read more for a detailed fix list and links where to get it (thanks blues). The official Manhattan Project site also sports 16 new screenshots and new Wallpaper..

Get the 1.01 patch off 3D Realms (4.5mb)

Get the 1.01 patch off the Duke: Manhattan Project website (4.5mb)

Get the 1.01 patch off 3D Gamers (4.5mb)

This patch fixes a number of issues with the game - here's a list of what v1.01 fixes:

  • boss bar no longer lingers when its active as you load your game to somewhere else
  • game now pauses correctly when ESC is hit during a respawn and again after play resumes
  • all active maps now saved when game state saves, even if player is not within them.
  • fixed glopp ray sometimes allowing you to shoot through thin walls
  • some old resource load attempts cleaned up
  • fixed a message error in end part screen
  • TCP/IP protocol is no longer a necessary requirement to run the game
  • AMD K6-2+ and K6-3+ crash on startup fixed
  • OpenGL resolutions now properly queried for selection
  • Memory hunk allocation made more robust
  • Resource pack files now log their expected checksum when mounted
  • removed some obsolete client variables
  • ogg sound libraries moved to root install folder to avoid conflict with system folder
  • some things cleaned up in the log file generation
  • kill and secret counts adjusted
  • gator boss fixed so all nukes are dropped if you kill him in one large blast
  • fixed the lasers so they save their state properly
  • fixed quit screen so it won't interfere with save game dialog on shutdown
  • fixed graphics options so the cancel button does not skip back further than necessary

Special note about save games and Episode 8. Saved games in Episode 8 must be REPLAYed to prevent crashing and allow proper recovery of game state. If you PLAY from a game saved in Episode 8, you will crash. You must REPLAY any Episode 8 part after applying the v1.0.1 patch.

You can see what version of DNMP you are running if you open the console ( ~ ) and then look at the number in the lower right corner of the console.

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