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'Gore' Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on June 20, 2002 @ 7:07 a.m. PDT

Get the Gore v1.47 patch off Worthplaying (1.6mb)

Get the Gore v1.47 patch off Dreamcatcher (1.6mb)

The following problems have been addressed in this patch as well as the following have been updated:

  • Singleplayer will not start or controls freeze after loading a SP game.
  • Can not create a MP server.
  • Max time for respawn fixed
  • Custom rules directory option. This fixes the limit of one game per mode per server. [See the standalone server docs for more info.]
  • Game-timer intermittent display bug.
  • Old help screen showing up in observer mode in tactical.
  • Rendering options now require dev access.
  • Server security bug fixed - server ops can start using remoteadmin again.
  • Friendly fire does not affect healing. [Server ops can turn friendly fire off w/o ruining healing grenades].
  • Out of control weapon switching bug fixed.
  • Bumped maximum mouse sensitivity from 20 to 30
  • Low-quality sound option. Forces all sounds to 8bit. [Saves approx. 13 Megs of RAM]
  • Fixed formatting problem in server browser.
  • Fixed player sorting so that it sorts by deaths when kills are the same.
  • Added vsync control [menu and console controls]
  • Added color depth setting to video settings.
  • Added team-kill ban voting. Server op sets max_team_kills in the game_mode config file. Each time a person team-kills his victim can vote against him. When a team-killer gets max_team_kills votes against him he is booted for 5 minutes.
  • Changed no-zoom weapons so that they don't adjust fov to 90 degrees when zoom is pressed.
  • Fixed scoreboard not showing in tactical when dead.
  • Prevented name changes from occuring unless in the playing state. Name changes can no longer occur while observing.
  • Decreased grenade damage.
  • Increase G4 stamina damage.
  • G4 flashes green when placed.
  • C4 and G4 last twice as long when placed.
  • Fixed hplayer encumbrance

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