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Babel Up To New Tricks With 'Stuntman'

by Rainier on June 20, 2002 @ 6:04 p.m. PDT

Stuntman received rave previews at last month’s E3 show in Los Angeles and its release in September is anticipated as one of the key releases of the year. Developed by Reflections, the company responsible for the best-selling Driver series, the game will be available exclusively on PS2 and the website has been produced in response to the demand its release has engendered.

"Our brief was to create a site that encompassed all the major features of an innovative, stylish driving game. Stuntman is a fantastic addition to the driving genre and our work on the website can only enhance its appeal," said Ben Wibberley, Babel's Business Development Director.

The fast-moving elements of the game are matched by the action on the website. Budding stuntmen can download a host of images from both the high-speed Career Mode and the wreck-strewn Stunt Arena. They can also download videos and choose from five funky soundtracks.

Users can also post messages on a message board and access a fan kit that enables them to create their own sites. Furthermore, when the game is released on PS2, gamers who complete certain levels will be given a code that will allow them to post scores on the website's leaderboard. Users who register for the newsletter will also receive news and releases on an exclusive basis.

Renaud Marin, Infogrames' European Web Manager said: "Babel Media have designed an edgy web site for us. Rather than just creating backgrounds using predictable in-game assets, they have come up with an original design that fully captures the spirit of our game."

Go to the official website (and select English UK) for a boatload of screens from various areas in the game, a few trailers, wallpapers and tons of more interesting stuff!

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