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Neverwinter Nights (Manual) Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on June 21, 2002 @ 2:42 a.m. PDT

Last night BioWare let us know that there was an automatic update patch available for their just release 3D role-playing game "Never winter Nights". Today they released the manual patch for Neverwinter Nights, upgrading the game to version 1.18. Read more for details and links.

Get the 1.18 patch off Worthplaying (2.5MB)

Get the 1.18 patch off the NeverWinter Nights page (2.5MB)

The patch requires installing an up-to-date NWUpdate utility (505 KB) before running it on the 2.5 MB patch data, and besides the issues mentioned last night this release also addresses some chat room, Journal Entry, general sound, dedicated server, and other problems.

Please do not panic about the version number seemingly leaping from 1.10 to 1.18. The "missing" versions are builds of the many different international versions of Neverwinter Nights.

Here are the fixes in this patch:

  • Fixed the server filter crash
  • Improved client and server stability
  • Fixed the issue with plot items being dragged directly into an inventory bag

Updating the NWUpdate Program

  • To manually update your version of the NWUpdate program, please do the following:
  • Download the NWUpdate 1.06 patch (500 KB)
  • Save it somewhere you can easily find, such as your Desktop
  • Run the file.
  • If your Neverwinter Nights install directory is different from "C:NeverwinterNightsNWN" then you will have to use the Browse buttong to select your Neverwinter Nights install directory.
  • Press the Unzip button to extract the file.
  • Press the Close button to exit the program.

Your NWUpdate program is now patched. If you need to manually download and install the Neverwinter Nights patch, continue with the next section.

Updating Neverwinter Nights

  • To manually download and install the Neverwinter Nights patch, please do the following:
  • Download the Neverwinter Nights 1.18 patch (2.5 MB)
  • Save it to your Neverwinter Nights install directory. The default install directory is "C:NeverwinterNightsNWN". DO NOT UNZIP THIS FILE. The NWUpdate.exe program requires the patch to be in a .zip format.
  • Run the NWUpdate.exe program.
  • Press the Update button.
  • Neverwinter Nights is now patched.
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