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Swedish 'Gamex' Expo Delayed

by Rainier on June 24, 2002 @ 10:21 a.m. PDT

Today it was decided that the long awaited Swedish gaming exhibition "Gamex" is delayed to next year, but the conference and trade event "NIME:02" will continue as planned in October. The future for NIME looks bright, and over 40 people from the best game developers, publishers and mobile companies are already confirmed to speak in the conference. However, if you're not directly working in the games business, you can still buy a conference pass to access the conference and trade expo. But you have to be atleast 18 years old to enter the show.
The conference and trade event NIME:02 has quickly established its position as the first and only Nordic forum for game developers, publishers and mobile companies. NIME:02 is dedicated to presenting a cutting edge conference program to assist the Nordic game industry and next generation game developers in advancing their knowledge and careers in areas such as game design, mobile games, publishing, audio, visual arts, programming, technology and production.

"The reason why Gamex is delayed is because we can't guarantee that the leading Nordic game companies will support the public exhibition, which was one of our demands and the origin of the entire project. We still have a good feeling that things will look different for next year when we're ready to try again.", says HÃ¥kan Gershagen, organizer of Gamex and CEO of Swedish Key3Media.

"It is a shame that a gaming event like Gamex is forced to delay to next year. The business-to-business event NIME:02 and the public exhibition Gamex would have been a perfect combination where both gamers and development professionals could have met under the same roof. We are still aiming to continue NIME:02 as planned, but open for industry professionals only.", continues Carl-Henrik Gustafsson, project manager for NIME:02.

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