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Endgame Brings Light-Guns Back In Action

by Rainier on June 4, 2002 @ 7:49 p.m. PDT

Today Empire Interactive and Vivendi Universal Games announced that Endgame, developed by Cunning Developments for the PlayStation2 has shipped to retailers and is now available in stores. This Light-Gun action game features an in-depth story line unique to this genre. As Jade, players go through over 15 timed levels in a race against the clock. The combination of fast paced action, ease of use and multi-player capabilities make Endgame a perfect addition to the PS2 collection.
"We're excited about our first release in the light-gun category to fill the void in the market." Jimmy Lamorticelli, General Manager, Empire Interactive NA. "We want the consumers to be thrilled about another game that they can pick up (or purchase) their light- guns once more."

Endgame Feature Set

  • Graphical innovations never seen before in a light gun game and only available on cutting edge hardware including multi-pass rendering: motion blur, anti-aliasing, soft shadows and focus effects.
  • Deep Plot depth and an involving storyline.
  • Unsurpassed Boss AI-- Bosses are able to see what the player is doing and react
  • Painstakingly detailed locations in "real" world settings each with varying gameplay.
  • Training modes including the "Mighty Joe Jupiter" game within a game.
  • Hyper Mode that alters the challenge depending on the player's skill throughout the game keeping the experience intense for any type of player.
  • Multiple endings based on player skill.
  • Fully interactive and destructible environments, if you can shoot at it, you can hit it

Endgame for the PlayStation(r)2 is now available in stories for a suggested retail price of $49.99.

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