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Gnostic Labs Announces Team Action Strategy Title 'Eschaton' - Screens

by Rainier on June 6, 2002 @ 12:25 p.m. PDT

Gnostic Labs, a startup formed to create better worlds, announced plans for their initial product. Evolving the genres of strategy and action games, Gnostic Labs is developing Eschaton, a team combat game. Check the screens!

Slated for release in 2004, Eschaton is an action/strategy hybrid set in a far future persistent space universe. Players will collaborate as starship captains, admirals and presidents in player run empires, struggling against other player run organizations for domination of the galaxy. The game is powered by Optasia, a proprietary game engine that uses a revolutionary new fractal zoom system. This technology enables the modeling of an entire galaxy, complete with realistically sized planets with infinite detail.

Eschaton space battles will be a team event where players take on a number of roles, battling alongside hundreds of teammates. Players can control fighters and interceptors in a first person perspective. Captains take to the helm of large capital ships from a third person perspective. Fleet commanders play a strategy game by allocating ships and assigning objectives to starship captains in the midst of a battle. Add political leaders promoting commanders, managing resources, and choosing where to attack on a galactic scale and the result is Eschaton, a player run universe.

The story of Eschaton begins with three races spread out amongst the stars via sub-light speed travel. When the first instantaneous warp drive becomes available, the races suddenly find themselves in close contact. As factions become restless and war imminent, the game begins.

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