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Delta Green - Screens

by Rainier on June 7, 2002 @ 1:08 p.m. PDT

Today we serve up a bunch of nifty screens from Flying Lab Software's LithTech Jupiter-powered action strategy PC game Delta Green. Inside the federal government, a grim conspiracy steals satellite access, spies on the FBI, and siphons funds from the IRS to conduct outlaw operations of assassination, blackmail, and counter-insurgency -- all to keep us safe from a secret world of ancient, supernatural horror that threatens us from the shadows. This conspiracy is Delta Green™. And you're in charge. Njoy the screens!

Delta Green is based on Pagan Publishing's award-winning series of tabletop role-playing games, novels, and shared-world fiction anthologies with an international following. Inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft and lavishly detailed with up-to-date government and military agencies -- both real and rumored -- Delta Green posits an underworld of secrets in which conspirators manipulate the federal bureaucracy to keep the darkness of cosmic evil at bay for one more day.

The game features both strategic and tactical play, in which you build your conspiracy, solve mysteries, and fight alien horrors in real-time small-unit combat. The Seattle design studio, Flying Lab Software, is collaborating with Delta Green creators Dennis Detwiller, Scott Glancy, and John Tynes to develop the game for a 2003 release.

Ever wonder where your tax dollars really go? Did you actually believe the military paid six hundred dollars for a hammer? Delta Green knows the score: when ultimate evil lurks and plots, deception is a right, truth is a privilege, and innocence is a luxury.

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