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The New 'Day of Defeat 3.0' Has Arrived

by Rainier on July 12, 2002 @ 1:15 a.m. PDT

A new version of the Day of Defeat Half Life Modification is now available, with four separate downloads to choose from, depending on whether you are upgrading a Beta 2.1 Windows or Linux installation or doing a full install for either OS. The new 3.0 version offers loads of fixes and enhancements, including the addition of a new "Para" gameplay mode, cutscenes, removable helmets, and a new spectator system. Read more for detailed fix/update list and links where to grab these files.

Get the Day Of Defeat Files off Shacknews

Get the Day Of Defeat Files off the DayOfDefeat website

Beta 3.0

  • added para_hedgerow
  • added para_kraftstoff
  • added para_glider
  • added para gameplay (see below for description)
  • added para player models
  • added Fg42 w/ Bipod
  • added Fg42 Scoped
  • added K43 rifle
  • added M1 Carbine with Collapsable stock
  • added Greasegun
  • added Gravity Knife
  • added cutscenes (see below for description)
  • added removable helmets (see below for description)
  • added enhanced in-game spectator mode to include HLTV features (see below for description)
  • added enhanced new hltv features
  • added custom hud objective icons
  • added object required capture areas
  • added new player joining server code
  • added env_model for model placement
  • added team chat for dead clients
  • added new sniper 'zoomed-in' gfx
  • fixed basic gameplay system issues
  • fixed hitboxes on players
  • fixed player animation alignments
  • fixed sniper rifle accuracy while unzoomed
  • fixed prone "bounding box" issues
  • major updates to dod manual

Para Gameplay

We are proud to add this into 3.0. The way this system works is left up to the mapper. We allowed alot of flexability in the way to mix normalpara gameplays now. Currently in our 3 para maps for 3.0 you will see some of the following. Both teams will be 1 life round team, or when you die you wait for next round. You can win by completing objectives which award more points, or wipe out the other team. Mappers can change these settings and mix gameplays, with para 1 lifers vs. normal dod infinite life team. The possibilities with the gameplay + objectives coding in 3.0 is endless.


Maps that feature this will play a dramatic movie scene to show objectives, or set the mood for the map. The 3 para maps featured in 3.0 have team specific joining cutscenes. Each team sees a different cutscene, and only 1 time when they first spawn up in the map. Clan matches can turn this feature off when mp_clan_match 1, and mp_clan_showcutscenes set to 0.

Removable Helmets

The new para player models feature this, we will work in the old models in future version(s). When a bullet strikes the helmet it will fly off, and the player will be without a helmet rest of round. Nearby grenade blasts can also blow a helmet off. Just a little fun addition.

New Spectator System

Incorporated HLTV features into ingame spectator system. Modes include: First person, FreeLocked chase cam, Map FreeLocked, Inset window views. Health of the player your spectating is also shown. HLTV features from 2.1 is shown on the maps as well, such as tnt, grenades thrown, objectives and their status, for the map views (insetfull map mode). Objectives status area is shown if no inset view is present as well.

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