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Got Game To Publish 'Dark Space' - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on July 15, 2002 @ 6:25 p.m. PDT

Got Game Entertainment and Palestar today announced a publishing agreement for "DarkSpace," a massively multiplayer online strategy game that puts the player in command of a massive starship. The retail version will incorporate new levels of game play, as well as offer a one-month free trial subscription.
The arrangement between Palestar and Got Game Entertainment was negotiated by Los Angeles based Psychosys, a boutique firm specializing in interactive
entertainment consulting.

David Klein, Vice President of third party broker, Pyschosys, was instrumental in putting the deal together. "Richard Lyle, president of Palestar, and his team wanted a publisher who would really get behind and support the game. Got Game has exhibited tremendous commitment to all its titles, so we felt this would be a great match."

DarkSpace takes place in a universe splintered by intergalactic war. Humanity has split into two hostile factions, while a new hostile alien race advances into human space. In the midst of turmoil and civil unrest, players start as an ensign, piloting smaller craft and will eventually work their way up to a fleet admiral controlling a massive capital ship and plotting strategic maneuvers in one of the three initial factions.

The DarkSpace universe is alive with many new different subplots. Humans are the dominant species of each beginning scenario, but more advanced scenarios
will feature diverse alien races and advanced technologies. Numerous players will focus on their own agendas in this seemingly crowded galaxy and the player will be forced to deal with circumstances that this creates

"We are excited to be entering the massively multiplayer orld with what we believe to be a particularly well-crafted and well-run game," said Got Game Entertainment president, Howard Horowitz. "The Palestar team keeps the game fresh and evolving which was key to our publishing decision."

About Got Game Entertainment

Got Game Entertainment is a publisher of games for PC and other platforms. Founded by entertainment industry veterans with over 15 years of experience, Got Game Entertainment is committed to bringing to market quality games offering exceptional entertainment. Learn more about Got Game Entertainment .

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