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FourFourTwo - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on July 16, 2002 @ 7:02 p.m. PDT

SCi’s game is due to be released on PC in September this year during the 2002/3 football season with significant contributions to game design from Terry Venables, one of the most popular and successful Football managers of recent years. The game offers players the most realistic simulation of the manager’s role ever seen.

Delivering the passion of football.

  • FourFourTwo places the power of the football management into your hands.
  • FourFourTwo finally allows you to manage your team, your way.
  • FourFourTwo is all about you winning when all the professional managers out there are loosing.
  • It’s about the players, the club, the preparation, the match and the result …..
  • … the story, skill, and emotion of football.

Inspire your team to new heights, cope with the demanding press, challenge for cup and league honours. Becoming a footballing managing legend not a statistician.

Game Modes

  • Free Play

    Think you do better than Houllier, Ferguson or Wenger? Take the reigns of your favorite club and try to prove that you are the best man for the job. But don’t get too arrogant – loose the confidence of the board and you’ll get sacked!

  • Career

    Start from the bottom and work you way up to the very top. Rise from the obscurity of non-league football to managing a Champions League winning side? Feel free to change jobs if you get one offered, but if you get sacked, it might mean you working from the bottom again.

  • Classic Mode

    Re-live one of the golden seasons of the early eighties - the 81/82 season. They have the hairstyles, the dodgy mustaches, the tight shorts and proven skills – they just need managing. The 81/82 season data includes all the players etc, from the English, Scottish, Italian, French and German top league clubs.

  • Legends Mode

    For the first time Terry Venables has selected his 20 greatest club sides and they're all together in this legendary fantasy season. Ever wondered how a team such as the 'Busby Babes' would fair against the current European Champions? Could this be the solution to all those arguments?

  • Challenge Mode

    Take the reigns a club that are bottom of the table with just 3 games to go and help them reach the promised land of safety. Alternatively, take a team just behind the leaders and make them championship contenders in the final games of the season. Find out just how good you are in this series of short, arcade style challenges.

  • Multiplayer

    It's all well and good shouting your mouth off about how much you know about football. But can you prove it? Available in all the different playing modes, pit your wits against up to four of your friends and see who really is King of the armchair supporters.

  • Tutorial

    If you are stuck or simply need a bit of expert guidance, Gabby Logan and Terry Venables are on hand to help and advise.

Game Features

Build you Career

  • Press conferences – you’ve just been appointed and the Chairman puts you in front of the press – nightmare!
    All they want to know is your views on the current squad, transfers, tactics, and so on. Your answers will influence your reception by the fans, players, and board.
  • Be the manager or simply the coach - if you are into stress then take on the role of the manager, controlling both the playing side of your club, the clubs finances & the facilities (build new stands and set the price of the hot dogs etc). If all that seems a bit too much then just play as the coach focusing your attention on the team and their results.

Prepare for the game

  • Set piece editor – practice those all important set-piece moves before the game, then watch to see if the players remember their training during the match.
  • Strengthen the squad – Your training camp needs those back room lads. Your team needs a striker. Get out there and find someone now!
  • Team training and coaching – send them to a training camp or let them go holiday? Don’t train them too hard or the may be exhausted come the match.
  • Pre-match instructions – the opposition have announced their team and you need to make a few adjustments. Tweak the squad instructions to meet the changing conditions.

Game on!

  • 3D match engine - don’t watch set animations, watch the actual match as it unfolds. Judge for yourself whether your striker is having a bad game - if you think he is then take him off!
  • Real weather effects. Change tactics to suit the weather and the ground conditions – time for route one football?
  • Touchline view – Despite all that training, they still get it wrong. Get out of the dug out and try and shout some sense into them.
  • Changing room instructions – Speak to your team at half time and inspire them. Let’s go on and win the match.
  • Post match interviews – there’s no escaping Gabby Logan as you try to sneek down the tunnel unseen. This is a chance to express your views openly and frankly. But be careful, it will also influence how the press, players, fans, and chairman view you.


  • Accurate player stats from Touch-Line Data, suppliers to EA and real football clubs.
  • 10 countries.
  • 21 leagues.
  • All relevant cup competitions are also included.
  • Correct graphical representation of individual players – height, colour etc.
  • 4 player option.
  • Edit the team names to your own requirements.
  • Currency in either £’s or €’s
  • Play your own CD’s during the game.
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