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The 'CT Special Forces' Invade The Web (GBA) - Screens

by Rainier on July 16, 2002 @ 7:18 p.m. PDT

CT Special Forces offers players a set of moves that have never before been seen on Game Boy Advance! In platform-action mode (ground missions) and shoot’em-up mode aboard an Apache Helicopter, you will plunge into the fascinating world of counter-terrorism by moving through up to 12 different levels. You will be sent to the ends of the earth on top secret missions, from the disquieting humidity of the equatorial jungle to a city in siege, through treacherous, snow-covered mountains and the heart of the desert. Read more & Njoy the nifty little screens ;)

The CT Special Forces official Web site on Game Boy Advance® is now available.

You will find information concerning the game itself, weapons description, lead characters and exclusive game-video!


Key Features:

  • An explosive combination of platform action and shoot'em-up modes (helicopter levels)!
  • An authentic sniper rifle: discover what it feels like to be a sniper lying in ambush!
  • Laser scope for your assault rifle: optimize your marksmanship.
  • 3 available characters depending on the mission: 2 shock troop counter-terrorists and a helicopter pilot.
  • Ultra-realistic weapons and cutting-edge equipment including an assault rifle with laser scope that is 100% multipurpose (with rocket launcher, flame thrower, and grappling hook launcher).
  • Also, a Link mode so you can complete in real time with another counter-terrorist (race against the clock through 4 levels).
  • Heavily equipped warlords (Big Bosses) to take on at the end of each battle zone.

Founded in 1999, L.S.P. is a French publisher of video games and interactive products for the retail market. LSP creates its own game universes and characters and works in close collaboration with Hollywood majors. LSP has published more than 31 successful titles such as: Gremlins™ , Antz™ , 'Gold and Glory: the Road to El Dorado' ™, Inspector Gadget┬«, Dinosaur'Us™. LSP has offices in Paris and Los Angeles and its products are distributed throughout the world. In 2002, LSP will be present on all interactive leisure media: PC, Game Boy™ Color, Game Boy™ Advance, PlayStation™, Playstation 2™, X Box™, Game Cube™ and Internet

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