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Defender Of The Crown & Wings (GBA) - Screens

by Rainier on July 18, 2002 @ 2:47 a.m. PDT

Metro3D, Inc. send us some screens from two all-new and enhanced versions of the popular franchise classics, Defender of the Crown and Wings for Game Boy Advance. Developed by Cinemaware, Inc., Defender of the Crown is a medieval action combat and strategy game, slated for release in July 2002. Wings, a World War I action, air combat game is scheduled to ship in August 2002. Njoy
Defender of the Crown and Wings are based on two highly successful award-winning software classics originally created for the personal computer, whose huge and installed global fan base continues to grow. In January 2002, Metro3D announced its worldwide distribution deal with Cinemaware to re-introduce several of Cinemaware’s most prominent software hits to millions of next-generation gaming enthusiasts worldwide for the first time in more than a decade.

“With millions of Nintendo Game Boy Advance enthusiasts on the market today, Metro3D is delighted to introduce these two action-packed titles, Defender of the Crown and Wings to its handheld software library,” said Joseph Morci, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Metro3D. “These hot new summer releases are sure to keep Game Boy Advance fans on the verge of their seats all summer long.”

Defender of the Crown for Game Boy Advance celebrates the Age of Chivalry, when lusty wenches and black-hearted villains rule the countryside. King Richard has been slain and all of England is thrown into civil war. Only one person can lay siege against the enemy and outwit the vile Normans to restore order to the war-torn land. In this one-player arcade-style action combat and strategy game players must face their foes on the battlefield or in grand tournaments of chivalry.

Majestic tournaments where players joust for fame, fortune and land engage its rivals in intense sword-fighting duels, and castle-shattering catapult sieges. Whether players are rescuing beautiful damsels in distress, crushing its rivals through defending its territories in battle from invasion or building its armies and reputation through a stunning variety of arcade sequences, victory will not come easy. To save England, skills, swordsmanship and military prowess will be severely tested to succeed and win the love of many a beautiful damsel.

In Wings for Game Boy Advance, players can relive all the action, glory and daring feats as a World War I rookie fighter pilot in the Allied or German forces. More than just a simulator, Wings features genuine arcade-style action and emotion packed role-playing experiences, as players fight through the skies through 240 missions, and two challenging campaigns full of drama and intense air combat action.

Wings players take to the air in an attempt to try and earn medals, commendations and skill points, building its pilot into a true to form fighting Ace. With three separate game play modes, players strafe the front lines, bomb enemy bases or engage cunning aces in thrilling 3-dimensional dogfights. Other features allow players to report from the frontlines and unlock authentic World War I memorabilia or utilize the game link cable, where up to four players can play simultaneously and match wits with friends and family in intense four-player dogfights.

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