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Disciples II Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on July 20, 2002 @ 1:15 a.m. PDT

Strategy First just let us know that they have released a new patch for their Turn Based Strategy game, Disciples II. The patch mainly addresses several game crashes and upgrades the game to v1.4. Read more for detailed fix list and links where to grab em ...

North American Disciples II - Patch v1.4 off Worthplaying (1.9mb)

North American Disciples II - Patch v1.4 off Disciples 2 Website (1.9mb)

French Disciples II - Patch v1.4 off Disciples 2 Website (1.9mb)

Italian Disciples II - Patch v1.4 off Disciples 2 Website (1.9mb)

Spanish Disciples II - Patch v1.3 -> v1.4 off Disciples 2 Website (1.9mb)

For the full 1.0 to 1.4 patch consult the Disciples II update page

Disciples II - Patch version 1.4

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed AI loop with "Move to Location" order when locations were under certain types of objects
  • Fixed crash with larger maps due to internal buffer overrun
  • Fixed being unable to save 144x144 maps when roads were placed in far corner
  • Added / fixed a few keyboard shortcuts
  • Fixed crash when using potions during leader exportation at end of saga
  • Fixed crash in hotseat when displaying certain spells that were cast in turn summary
  • Fixed hang when using the "continue move" hotkey with destination being an ennemy rod
  • Fixed autobattle toggle not working properly if activated while ennemy is attacking
  • Fixed crash when pressing Tab key while dragging an item in some interfaces
  • Icon is now displayed properly in spell book to indicate spells that have already been cast this day
  • Stacks with orders that have a target set to AI priority 0 now carry on their order anyway
  • Fixed crash with "Go into battle" effect when a stack template is selected

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