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America's Army: Recon 'Marksmanship Pack' Update

by Rainier on July 26, 2002 @ 3:46 a.m. PDT

Got great news from HQ: the Marksmanship Pack is nearly complete, troops! Even better, the Marksmanship Pack is packed with much, much more than just the single-player U.S. Army Sniper School missions. Responding to the feedback from our community, we've decided to add a number of additional features in this release. Read more for details...

The Marksmanship Pack will include the following:

  • tools that kick AFK players;
  • TeamTalk options (allowing you to radio all your live and --er--'retired' team members);
  • added green-tinted tracers to the OFPOR RPK (allowing you to distinguish between friendly and OPFOR MGs);
  • changed the M4A1 to be fully-automatic;
  • removed the MOUT McKenna training requirement;
  • tightened the belt around ROE scoring (violations in the first 30 seconds will earn you an immediate 'kick' and ROE violations in the first 45 seconds doubles the penalty)
  • fixes for the Ghost Player and Rifle Range bugs.
  • Oh...and one other thing, too: an In-Game Browser. Hooah!

Yes, the DEV team has been busy (we let them outside at least one hour a day to stretch...) But rather than releasing these features one-by-one, we've decided to burn the midnight oil and put 'em all in one rucksack. The complete Marksmanship Pack will be ready for prime time in just a matter of days. In the meantime, grab your gear - head to the range - and sharpen your marksmanship skills at the M16 Basic Rifle Marksmanship range

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