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Rainbow Six: Raven Shield - Multiplayer Update

by Rainier on July 26, 2002 @ 8:50 a.m. PDT

For a number of business and technical reasons, Raven Shield will not be playable on the Microsoft Gaming Zone. All of the Ubi Soft studios, including Red Storm, are committed to providing multiplayer features through the game service. Read more ...

As a part of our ongoing commitment to bring a high quality on-line gaming service to our customers, we'll be offering a number options to Raven Shield. One of these options will be playing Raven Shield through the game service (which will continue to be improved upon). However, we feel that the majority of players will take advantage of the in-game server browsing technology that will be available with Raven Shield. This feature will allow fans to access hundred, even thousands, of servers world wide.

Multiplayer features built into Raven Shield also include a ladder system on which will track basic statistics and rankings. In addition, log files generated by Raven Shield will let the host players produce their own rankings for their servers and matches. Players will be able to use the parser that will be released with Raven Shield (which will parse the log file and generate basic statistics in html format) or they can access the log file directly which contains a great deal of data. The log file could also be parsed out by a community-built 3rd party tool.

Since Ubi Soft is committed to continually improving the game service, we are all striving to make Raven Shield multiplayer a great experience for the on-line gaming community. As always, we appreciate your input. The development team will be talking about Raven Shield multiplayer in future on-line chats. Visit for more information.


Chadi "Leviat" Lebbos,
Producer, Raven Shield

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