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'Farscape : The Game' Goes Gold

by Rainier on July 26, 2002 @ 7:32 p.m. PDT

Seems today its a golden day for games to get wrapped up ... Simon & Schuster just let us know that their Sci-Fi serie based 3D action game "Farscape: The Game," has gone gold. We can expect it to hit store shelves as early as next week!

Check our previously posted 'FarScape : The Game' screens


John Crichton is an American astronaut lost in a distant corner of space. He’s fallen in with a motley crew of escaped alien prisoners on a living ship called Moya. They are constantly pursued by the fanatical, militaristic Peacekeepers. In the game, Moya is attacked and boarded by a Peacekeeper strike force while in orbit
around a desert planet. Though several of Crichton’s friends are still trapped aboard the occupied ship, he escapes with the sexy alien Chiana to a mysterious and desolate landscape.

Crichton and Chiana thus embark on an epic adventure. While trying to reunite their crew and free Moya, they face strange creatures and hostile aliens. Warring native factions threaten their progress…and an evil plot lurks literally under the surface.


The player, who controls a team of up to three characters at a time, can take direct control of any of the team members at any time. Characters not under the player’s direct control will act intelligently by defending the player, using items and behaving according to their personalities. Unlike other squad-based games, the FARSCAPE characters are prone to independent actions and the player must manage the team members strategically, switching control from character to character as new situations arise.

The game features six playable characters offering unique skills that encourage team play.

They include:

  • the American Commander John Crichton;
  • the beautiful and deadly ex-Peacekeeper Officer Aeryn Sun;
  • the Luxan warrior Ka D’Argo;
  • the roguish but sexy Chiana;
  • deposed ruler Dominar Rygel XVI;
  • the mysterious blue priestess Pa’ U Zotoh Zhaan.


Actors from the hit TV series are lending their voices to FARSCAPE, including:

Ben Browder…. “Commander John Crichton”
Claudia Black… “Officer Aeryn Sun”
Anthony Simcoe… “Ka D’Argo”
Gigi Edgley…. “Chiana”
Lani Tupu… “Crais / Pilot”
Jonathan Hardy… “Rygel XVI”
Farscape Press Release Page 3


Recently named one of the year’s ten best programs by New York Newsday, Farscape is now entering its fourth season on SCI FI, airing Friday nights. The program stars Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Anthony Simcoe, and Gigi Edgley. It follows the exotic adventures of American astronaut John Crichton (Browder), who is accidentally thrust into a band of escaped renegades. They traverse the universe in Moya, a living ship, on a quest for a place to call home.

Filmed in Sydney, Australia, Farscape is a natural extension of The Jim Henson Company’s dedication to bringing fantasy reality to life. The series is executive produced by David Kemper, Juliet Blake, Robert Halmi Jr., Brian Henson, and Richard Manning, and is produced by Sue Milliken and Andrew Prowse. Rockne S. O'Bannon serves as executive consultant. More information on Farscape can be found at the official website. The site includes exclusive imagery, screensavers, and complete information on the show and its characters.

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