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SplashDown (Xbox) Splashes Into Stores - Screens

by Rainier on July 3, 2002 @ 11:16 p.m. PDT

Infogrames, Inc announced today that the wild water racer, "Splashdown" has shipped to stores for the Xbox. Published under the Company's Atari brand, "Splashdown" is already a smash hit on the PS2. "Splashdown" for Xbox boasts superior graphics and two never-before-seen levels to enhance the cast of crazy characters and Sea-Doo watercraft. Njoy the screens & expect a review soon!

"'Splashdown' is the definitive water racing franchise. Using the amazing capabilities of Xbox, we're able to take the game to the next level," said Jean-Philippe Agati, senior vice president and general manager of Infogrames' Los Angeles studio. "The power and unique handling of the four authentic Sea-Doo(R) watercraft classes gives players maximum control as they attempt crazy acrobatic stunts and race full throttle over huge waves."

"Splashdown" whisks players to the four corners of the globe through 18 race environments, rendered in exquisite detail. Racers will blast through the waters of Bali, skim along the Great Barrier Reef and navigate the canals of Venice. The Xbox version introduces two new eye-popping courses, Ruminer Point, Maine and The Florida Keys, Florida, and features bigger waves for players to catch massive air for tricks and jumps. With more than 40 tracks and tons of shortcuts and hidden areas, "Splashdown" is loaded with a variety of challenges and astonishing scenery.

Eight over-the-top characters from around the world take players for a spin around the track. To keep the action hot, each character is armed with special abilities in speed, handling, stunts and agility. Each performs unique tricks like the heart attack, superman and rollover. Racers Andy Pierce, Hailey Hollister, Kyoko Takahashi, Jeremy Wallace, Amman Ra, Sebastien Kleinemann and a secret unlockable character return to vie for the number one spot in circuit and career modes.

"Splashdown" has three main modes: Career, Versus, and Arcade. In Career mode, the player has the opportunity to prove single-player prowess, building a team and vying for the championship of the water racing circuit. Meanwhile, Arcade mode makes competition personal with four intense events, including Circuit, Time Trials, Countdown and Free Ride. Along the way, players can collect up to five new wetsuits placed around each course. Versus mode pits two players against each other in a head-to-head showdown. Three difficulty levels, hilarious character dialogue and spectacular wrecks complete this wild water racer for timeless entertainment and unparalleled fun.

Developed by Rainbow Studios, Splashdown is available at most major retail stores this week for an estimated street price of $49.95 and is rated "E" for Everyone.

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