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'City Of Heroes' Powers Revealed

by Rainier on July 4, 2002 @ 2:01 a.m. PDT

What Claws, Super Speed and Body Armor can do for you. City of Heroes Powers Cryptic Studios has revealed three new powers that will be available in its upcoming online Super Hero role-playing game, City of Heroes Today the offer details on Super Speed, Claws and Body Armor. (thanks Gamespy)

Super Speed:

It doesn't get any faster than this. Even as a hero's super speed is just developing, he is already much faster than any normal human can ever hope to be. At higher levels the hero can outrun the fastest sports cars, literally running circles around villains. It can be difficult for heroes to control their movements at such high speeds, and precise maneuvers require skill and practice to execute. Most heroes use their super speed to move into position in combat, chase down fleeing villains, or quickly race to the scene of an emergency. Using a weapon or other power while moving at Super Speed is pretty tricky, but heroes with Super Speed can perfect a special melee attack that allows them to rain down a flurry of blows at lightning speed, potentially causing tremendous damage in the blink of an eye.

  • Fast and Maneuverable
  • Powerful Melee Attack
  • Hard to Control


There are few powers simpler or more deadly than Claws. Whether grafted onto the hero's bones, integrated into some high-tech gauntlet, or summoned forth by magical incantation, all claws do one thing and they do it well: they cut. They cut, they tear, they rend, and they quickly and efficiently bring villains down a peg or three. As a hero hones his claw fighting abilities (and the claws themselves) the razor sharp weapons can slice through armor with ease. They're also very fast to use, a quick attack that requires little wind up or follow through. Expert claw fighters learn to trust in the sharp edge more than brute force. The disadvantage is that you have to get up close and personal to use them effectively. As powerful a weapon as they can be, they do little good against someone a hundred yards away with an automatic weapon. Thus, many heroes who rely on claws also learn to move quickly and/or dodge effectively in order to best take advantage of their deadly weapons.

  • Deadly Damage
  • Cut Through Armor
  • Up Close and Personal

Body Armor:

You can never be too careful. Sometimes all that stands between you and death is a few centimeters of Kevlar. Or Steel. Or a magic charm. Or your naturally rock hard skin. Body Armor is a general description for any kind of protective layer that keeps a hero safe from all kinds of harm. Unlike Invulnerability, body armor protects against a wide variety of different attacks. Furthermore, it is either a natural part of the hero's body or her costume, so she is never without it. Also, unlike Invulnerability, body armor is susceptible to various kinds of armor penetrating attacks, so it is not quite as reliable or foolproof (the price of flexibility). A hero's super power-based body armor can transcend all forms of store-bought protection, protecting against the deadliest attacks. In return the hero must put all of her trust in her special armor and cannot use items and costume upgrades to provide body armor-like protection.

  • Effective Against Almost All Attacks
  • Never Without It
  • Can't Use Other Armor

Check the official City of Heroes site for more details.

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