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Tsunami 2265 Goes Gold - Screens

by Rainier on July 9, 2002 @ 6:55 p.m. PDT

Got Game Entertainment today announced that its upcoming PC action game, Tsunami 2265, has "gone gold". The anime-style shoot 'em up is set to hit retail shelves in early August. Based on the same style as best-seller Oni, we will be looking forward to this one .. check the screens!

Tsunami 2265 delivers an intense combination of third person action shoot-outs and engaging storyline, along with vibrant animated sequences. Developed by ProGraph, Tsunami 2265 is a futuristic tale set in a Japan devastated by an epic seaquake or tsunami. The game offers two game modes, destructive shooter and intriguing arcade phases, and features 13 levels of game play, including 8 different sets, as well as 20 different Mechs. Players control either of two main characters, the tough, smart, and beautiful Naoko, or the intense and daring Neon, leading them inside secret military bases held under tight surveillance. With the aid of their most powerful Mech, players must reveal the secret that hides behind E.L.EN.A., a mysterious source of energy and untamed power.

"The gaming community's interest in Tsunami 2265 has been beyond our wildest expectations," said Got Game Entertainment founder and president, Howard Horowitz. "And that interest will not prove unwarranted. From the intense battles and stunning graphics to the truly remarkable sound, this game is a wave of pure adrenaline."

For more information visit the Tsunami website.

Check out the 55mb demo, get it here

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