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UFC: Throwdown (Gamecube) Ships To Stores

by Rainier on Aug. 1, 2002 @ 7:55 p.m. PDT

Missed this one yesterday, but Crave Entertainment announced that its latest Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) title, UFC: Throwdown for Nintendo GameCube computer entertainment system has shipped to retailers. Crave shipped UFC: Throwdown for the PlayStation2 earlier this month.

“UFC: Throwdown is the first “real fighting” game, for the GameCube that offers the raw, full contact mixed martial arts fighting found in the pay-per-view phenomenon known as Ultimate Fighting Championship,” said Craig Owens, Senior Group Marketing Manager at Crave Entertainment. “Both the GameCube and PS2 versions of Throwdown have their own subset of exclusive UFC fighters and both have the most in-depth create-a-fighter and career modes to date.”

The “real fighting” genre, created by Crave in 2000, features actual UFC champions and all the real-life mixed martial arts moves they use in the Octagon. UFC: Throwdown has 28 announced fighters, including past and present UFC Champions such as Tito Ortiz and Jens Pulver. The game also includes four exclusive fighters for the GameCube: Shonie Carter, Ricco Rodriguez, Matt Serra and Dave Menne.

Players will see the most realistic, jaw-dropping fighter entrances ever as the modern day gladiators enter the Octagon, and the detailed graphics don’t stop there. The facial and body animations and special effects are so realistic that muscle movements and bloodstains can actually be seen.

UFC: Throwdown has several game modes: Champion Mode, Arcade Mode, Career Mode, Exhibition, Tournament and Training. In the ultra extensive Career Mode, the player is able to create and train a fighter from scratch. The increased variations in the create-a-fighter mode allow the player to customize the face, body, skin color, clothes, and even hairstyle. As you spar and develop your character, you will be able to create a complete fighter with more moves and abilities. Players can use Training Mode to see demonstrations of the new moves they’ve acquired. You can then take your created fighter, or select from the UFC’s best to compete for the title belt in Champion Mode. Once you’ve won, you can defend your title against a string of seven challengers in Legend Mode.

Challenging friends to get it on in the Octagon continues to be a fan favorite. Once again, you can ground and pound in an eight-player Tournament Mode, which lets you set up single elimination, winner-takes-all matches where it’s put up or shut up.
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