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'Serious Sam' Gets Serious (Xbox)

by Rainier on Aug. 1, 2002 @ 8:07 p.m. PDT

Croteam has updated their website with some more details on the upcoming Xbox version of their smash title Serious Sam. Turns out that it will NOt be a mere conversion/port from the PC game but a WHOLE lot more than that. Most interesting is the fact that they will incorporate the 2 Serious Sam PC games into 1 Xbox version and the multiplayer will be something to look out for as well .. read more for details ... (thanks Voodoo)

You all must be pretty anxious to find out what was happening in our HQ for the last two months! We were working (and we still are) on Serious Sam for the Xbox, which will look... well, the best word to describe it would be 'amazing'.

Some of us already prefer using controller for playing FPS, the others are just discovering the joy of sitting in a nice comfy chair in front of big TV screen :) . For all you who were wondering is it possible to play Serious Sam on controller, here comes one big 'OH YEAH'. It is smooth, fluid and very... natural.

Beside controls, many things have changed. And it's time for YOU TO KNOW WHAT WE DID THIS SUMMER (scary violins in background):

  • Gameplay is changed to suit the console, with auto-aiming, scores, bonuses, lives, secrets, etc.
  • All models are changed to work with SKA and quality of almost all models is increased
  • Weapon models and texturing have been improved
  • Totally new client-server network code
  • New HUD
  • New Menu design
  • New Netricsa design
  • Load times have been lowered drastically
  • Levels from The First and Second Encounter were rearranged to make for one fluid game, making it a total of 36 singleplay levels in 5 episodes
  • New multiplayer levels
  • Lead character was renamed to John from Vegas
  • The previous statement was a joke
    ... and many more

All in all, Serious Sam on Xbox definitely won't be 'just a conversion'. When you play it, you'll see and feel the difference in look and gameplay. And we all here at Croteam agree it is better, both visually and playability, than on PC!

So, as you can see (okay, not yet see but hear!), we are deep in work and right on schedule. We'll keep you updated with our current progress (and maybe some pictures will be available soon).

Until then, stay serious!


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