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'K. Hawk : Survival Instinct' - Features & Screens

by Rainier on Aug. 22, 2002 @ 6:30 p.m. PDT

Only the right combination of strategy, stealth and fighting will lead to survival, in JoWooD Productions forthcoming tactical adventure game, K. Hawk - Survival Instinct out on the 25th October 2002 on PC CDROM. The gamer will find themselves in control of Lieutenant Kitty Hawk, a Navy SEAL and pilot whose helicopter has crash-landed on a remote island, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Kitty soon realises that escape from the island may be difficult. With the enemy defences ruling out any kind of rescue operation, Kitty must eliminate the island defences through any means possible. However, this is a stealth game, one move in the wrong direction and Kitty’s history. Going out all guns blazing is not an option.

The journey to escape and survive will not be easy, the island is full of Special Forces soldiers that may be better trained than Kitty. The only option is to out wit the soldiers on the island, Kitty has a range of different pistols and rifles at her disposal, but they should be used sparingly to avoid detection by the enemy. Kitty can also make use of gadgets that she can pick up along the way, such as gas grenades to destroy the enemy without drawing attention to Kitty and proximity bombs to prevent the enemy getting close.
Just to make the mission even more challenging the games artificial intelligence means that the enemy soldiers have a certain range of vision and hearing, so they will hear Kitty passing by if she is not careful about her movements. As in real life, if a solitary soldier spots an intruder he will call for help.

Over the course of her epic escape attempt, Kitty has to use a wide variety of tactics to combat her environment, from sneaking around in corridors avoiding security cameras to dodging sniper rifle sites in the dense jungle or sprinting for cover away from savage enemy machine gun fire when in open fields.

Managing Director of JoWooD Productions UK Ltd, Vip Patel said: “K. Hawk - Survival Instinct has the pick up and play appeal of the best arcade-style games combined with well balanced gameplay which focuses on strategy as well as action.”

He added: “We are expecting K. Hawk - Survival Instinct to be a huge success and all fans of Stealth should look forward to this outstanding tactical adventure.”

K. Hawk – Survival Instinct features:

  • Exciting story with many astonishing surprises which always keeps players on the edge of their seats
  • High-end 3D graphics bring the detailed world of K. Hawk – Survival Instinct to life
  • Strategy, stealth and action combine for unique game play
  • Easy to learn and navigate controls providing pick up and play appeal
  • K. Hawk - Survival Instinct has a SRP of £29.99 and will be out on the 25th October 2002 on PC CDROM.

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