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'Universal Commando' - Facts & Features

by Rainier on Aug. 23, 2002 @ 6:13 p.m. PDT

'Universal Commando' is a simulation RPG (Role Play Game) with free adoption to strategic tactics and the players point of view can be switched. It was originally introduced at the E3 held in U.S.A, 2002 and has aroused overseas interest as well as domestic for it is an epic that can evoke sympathy from the peoples living in civilized societies. The players can create a kingdom of imagination.


In 2070, the world looks peaceful on the outside and there is no need for each and every country to has its own troops. Instead, they agreed to have a United Nation troop called 'United Earth Troop (UET)'. This troop must keep the earth as the safest planet in the universe. Nobody can stop this gigantic troop.

In stark contrast, the Terrorist Group, called 'Utopian Socialist Troop' (UST)', who has a burning ambition to rule the world has found secret weapons left by an alien tribe called 'Biophage' from the Planet 'Erebus'. This troop has spent 50years to study and develop the weapons, which turned out to be the most fearsome troop on earth.

However, the 'Biophage', from the planet 'Erebus' took away 700 human beings include 200 of its special agents in 2020, where they trained and developed them into human weapons and named this the Earth Reconstruction Troop (ERT). 50 years later the 'Biophage' found out about the rapid progress in developing weapons and the enormous amount of mine on earth and decided to invade, starting with the African continent where the biggest mine field is located. Only the strong will dare to experience the brutality of alien invaders where no guarantee for survival was given.

Three groups battle at the jungles, deserts, and underground tunnels of the untamed lands. Must take into mind that one must have the earth under your control.


  • Real time voice chatting (Operation of separate server)
  • Playable on wireless
  • SMS (Short Messenger Service) is available while playing the game
  • 3D graphic with various sound effects created by self-developed 3D direct Engine (HM Engine)
  • Strategic simulation game of a small military unit
  • Switching viewpoint - Free selection of the first person's to the third person's
  • Detailed map
  • Represent the state of warfare by realistic graphics
  • Arrange and operate forces by your command (Army, Navy, and Air force)
  • Demonstrate the highest combat power
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